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Clan emblem



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if you are willing to pay then you can find plenty, otherwise you'll have to create something yourself. you can use warframe related images for logo so just toss anything you find fancy. just read the proper emblem setting needed to upload

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My friend actually used an app on his phone then sent it to me on discord and i saved it down to 128x128 but its predetermined shapes and patterns and you can add text boxes. Its actually quite robust for a phone app. I'd give it a look unless you want something extremely custom.


Its "Logo Maker" by TTT TEAM publisher on the google play store.


Otherwise your next best bet is to make a friend in graphic design or something.

EDIT: forgot to mention the App is free. and some of the 'premium' shapes or what not, are free if you watch a commercial leave your phone idle for 30-60 seconds while you hydrate in another room.

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