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Eidolon REwork post new war Concept


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This is related to the activation of the sentiends, the entity eidolon has begun to act like? Well, he has created a bait using his energy to revitalize the plains that made the tower open and released a kind of sanctuary where all the species that were devoured by the giant eidolon were, and this made the plains change forever


the plains would become a resource trap
a decoy made by the entity that controls the eidolons
A diurnal phase of fertility would be added where both the fauna and the naive grinner would be seduced by the food / resources etc.
the tower of cetus would also enter that

since she did not know about it would release a hidden ark with many carnivorous fauna, herbiboros of medium / large sizes and various behaviors
something more similar to the captivation of revenanth

if that would lead to the grinner changing their current form by taking to camp divisions some allies (usually aided by steel meridian) some neutrals and those loyal to the queen who are obviously hostile

at night those unsuspecting would become the slaves of the entity evolving at night becoming possessed who would attack the settlements and anyone who is not one of them
obviously accompanied by new missions, new syndicates, weapons, decorations, armor for the operator, changes to the necramen, etc.

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