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Clan Benefit Ideas


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Hey I'm not often on the forums but I've been playing this game for 8 years and am finally MR 30 now and I just feel like giving out some cool ideas on making some of the features of the game feel less tedious.

The Dojo isn't used for to much other then trading, replicating researched blueprints of gear, and decorating. So I feel like adding some features that would offer more options when visiting your clan dojo.


The first idea I have is adding a room that is an aquarium with a unique function. Any fishes you catch in either of the open worlds and be added to your aquarium and the fishes can breed and it could act like a small investment for later. If you need parts form a particular fish you can just enter the dojo and get the fish you need and cut it for the specific parts. This will increase more visits to the dojo and give it more of a use then trading and replicating gear.


This is similar to the Aquarium you can plant plants you've found/scanned on either of the planets and produce more of them by caring and tending to your gardens. If a certain plant is needed you can pluck one out to be used.


These rooms will start out as you needing to tend to them more in the beginning but as your clan adds more research into making tools and your personal research to your own gardens or aquarium it will make you have to do less work into preserving your fish and plants. But it would offer you a lot more Clan benefits

This is just an idea please give feedback I am open to it

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7 hours ago, (PSN)Frost_Nephilim said:

Sounds sorta cool, i kinda want the dojo to feel more like a residental space station similar to what this show called "The 100" has.

Have quest that you do for the people living under you and what not, maybe even recruit some of them as part of your crew, etc. Feel like it wouod be cool

Sounds good anything that would increase the benefits of having a clan and offer more options when entering the dojo

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