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Sister Candidate fails to spawn if the first available Granum Void entry point is near exit


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Sometimes the tile set generator designs levels where a Granum Void entry cannot be found until very near the exit. This seems to prevent Sister of Parvos candidates from spawning.

In our experience, if the first available Granum Void "hand" entry is too close to exit (sub-200m) on the new Corpus tile sets, a Sister of Parvos candidate will not spawn into the mission even though a proper rank is acquired in the void.


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I can confirm this bug is still present and happened to me today. If the objective has been completed, and the Granum Void golden hand is adjacent to the extraction room, then the sister fails to spawn.

  • Reproduce: 
  1.  Run a Corpus capture mission.
  2.  Capture the target.
  3.  Run to a room near the exit with a Granum Void golden hand.
  4.  Enter the void with a Zenith Crown and kill 25+ specters.
  5.  Wait for the sister candidate to spawn... high chance she never will.
  • Squad: solo
  • Mission: Hydra, Pluto
  • Frame: experienced recently on Khora, Protea, and Mesa Prime, but seems to affect all frames

Update: This is not limited to rooms connected directly to the extraction room. It seems to be any room with a Granum Void hand within ~150m of the extraction point that has a chance to fail to spawn the sister upon leaving.

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I'm still having a similar issue which may be related. 6 runs in a row now, 3 of which the candidate DID spawn, but immediately died offscreen, with Parvos saying something to the effect of "oh well they can't all be winners". No opportunity to examine the weapon. In one other instance, I killed the Candidate myself in one shot, there was no mercy pose or weapon displayed again. Two other instances, simply no candidate spawned at all.

Yes I did complete the Zenith Granum Void requirements, and no I do not have any other Lich or Sister active. One thing that did consistently happen every single time I ran the mission, was that one of my converted Lichs showed up to help me. Every time. It feels like maybe the Lich is spawning instead of the candidate or something but I dunno. I am running the mission solo and not using specters, however AFAIK, I cannot prevent the Lich from spawning in, unless I were to get rid of him altogether which should be out of the question.

Anyway it's super annoying, my Zenith Crown stock is getting wasted and I'm losing motivation to continue farming Sisters. It feels like my ability to generate a Candidate is effectively critically bugged.
And just by the way, I kinda hate the Zenith Crown requirement to spawn Sisters as it is, it's literally a grind within a grind within a grind. It's not analogous enough to the Lich system which offers a much more direct way to generate a suitable foe.

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