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Tenet Envoy elemental Combo inconsistency


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Just a reminder

that the Tenet Envoy has inconsistent behavior with the Combination Order of its Progenitor Bonus Element vs its Innate Cold.

Depending on which bonus element was chosen - ie, heat vs toxin vs electric. Some apply before the cold, others after.


Hoping that this gets fixed soon, so I can nail down a build without worrying about which behavior is going to be considered correct.

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2 hours ago, (XBOX)TheWayOfWisdom said:


TL;DR: Elements added through mods are always taken into account first, then the innate element and progenitor bonus element are ordered according to this specific order: HEAT > COLD > ELECTRIC > TOXIN, or HCET.

yes, this describes the behavior perfectly

depending on what Progenitor element it is, it can either be Before or After the innate Cold. (IE if Heat is chosen, it shows up before, whilst all other elements show up After)

good on the wiki folks to chart it out and document it


but I don't believe this behavior should be considered 'correct'

to me it would make more sense for the Progenitor Bonus to Always be lower priority than the Innate elements., regardless of what they are.

Still waiting on an official DE statement either acknowledging that the behavior is either Intended, or an Oversight to be fixed.

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