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Nightwave requests auto completed


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After having installed the patch I went to Maroo's Bazar and the nightwave went live while I was there. I checked it and nothing was wrong so I returned to my orbiter and tuned off my console. After a couple of hours I logged again but I found that mostly all of this week's request from nightwave were automatically completed and I didn't get any reputation point from them. I tried to do one of them despite it saying it was "completed" but nothing happened and no reputation was given. So I am stuck with only 2 avaible nightwave request (one being a daily and the other a 7k points one) despite having tried to start the game once more and log out from my account. Could someone enlight me on what to do?

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Yes, same for me as of right now i.e. 10am 10th August UK time. I have logged in and restarted several times in the last day. 

Same as above i.e. says completed, but no points. Not sure any tasks count towards the goal also as I tried elite sanctuary onslaught and didn't seem to count it.

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Added more details on error e.g. not getting points
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