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What Orbiter Decoration used as makeshift wall or room divider?



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2 minutes ago, Rasdan said:

It's actually a "wall" so i can put all the tenets, fish trophies, and the MR slates on them. So no, i can't use those.

oh bugga, hahahaha. 

edit: Tenno Kindred Rug would make a wall when Baro has them.

This is an old screenshot for another thread, ignore all the other stuff.



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It comes down to how big do you want to go?

You're MR L1 so you have 31 tiles to use from decorations.


Or you could use the Tenets from the Corpus ship from the big statue waterfall thingy. 

There are fish trophies for all three open worlds.


This is how big they are next to them, I have a full set on the wall 11 in total.


I threw some MR tiles down to show the size, with 31 of them I'd say it would make reasonable area if you combined them with the Tenets.

Edit: hmm think I've finished with edits.
You could use Granum Crown decorations if you have a few. lol would make for a lot of work to get enough.



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