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Does Theorem Infection Arcane affects Warframe skills ? (other than Venari with Khora)


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While looking at the arcane I noticed the arcane "Theorem Infection", it seems very interesting to me if ever it can achieve what I think ...

Its description indicates that it increases the damage of summoned companions and allies.

Does this apply to all types of allies summoned? 🤔 like for example:

-Warframe skills:

    * Octavia's Mallet / Resonator

    * The sand shadow of Inaros

    * Shadows of enemies of Nekros

                             [etc ...]

-The Liches (Grineer & Corpus)

I would be happy 😄 to have an answer to this question before I actually try to get this Arcane '^'
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Functionality and bugs of the theorem mods seem to change frequently. Right now I believe Nekros’ Shadows keep theorem at whatever stack level you had when you summoned them till they die, meaning if you summon them before having stacks they get nothing. Should also be noted that the damage buff is applied in the form of whatever residual arcane puddle element you stood in. Judging by an old video It seems Rumbler meanwhile might not be effected in general soo…I suppose I could do some testing to see how it stands currently.

edit: Yes to Inaros and Nekros summons. No to mallet and resonator (but do those 2 REALLY need even more damage?)

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