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  1. If you really want the name of one of those type of account you can usually contact support. Also deleting the account wouldn’t happen. They’d just get tenno#### names, same as when someone has an inappropriate username removed.
  2. I’m not really sure if it’s appropriate to call the basic controls of a converted lich a system.
  3. Until they can do something besides defend on a railjack I pretty much have no reason to bother wasting time with them because I can't be asked to have one as the call down crew if I'm gonna also need to remember to go to the out of the way crew management screen to swap them out of the active crew when I plan to do railjack missions. Having a more than capable elite crew member for my call downs does not help my Lich's chances either.
  4. ohhh... I completely missed that. Also, time of post for my first response has me confused because that puts me as awake 2 hours before I was. Weird.
  5. Vulp larvae function like sentinels and so float at your shoulder.
  6. Most of my experience with “overkill damage” being counted is from enemies mid change to corruption receiving none zeroed damage while immune to damage or similar. Just shooting an enemy in the face for loads of damage won’t have overkill count.
  7. It doesn’t find sabotage caches and that makes me sad.
  8. Duration build with just enough strength for 100% strip... Sonar will never land on a vulnerable spot anyway.
  9. Congrats. You've made a new problem. Ivara is the only frame where non-silent weapons break invisibility.
  10. I think most / all of those drop from the Jugulus Rex mini boss in the isolation vault pit tile.
  11. Did you have this recently? Was allegedly fixed.
  12. Just retcon it the same way they did Helios. Boom.
  13. Pretty sure they are. Certainly in the tooltip. But seeing as rare crates have a .1% chance of spawning every 100 missions or something insane it’ll never be confirmed by me.
  14. After 30 runs without a statue I think RNG just hates you and you’re blaming the wrong thing.
  15. I’m pretty sure that’s just a ping effect on the usually visible blue energy circle down there. edit: well it aint that. It does not ping and position is not even close.
  16. Sonar and Silence don’t even deal damage. Comments? @General_Durandal
  17. Isn't that the Fomorian?
  18. Getting the mod that lets you do a double jump (Poppin' Vert) certainly helps with positioning so you don't miss what you're grinding on.
  19. All sisters give a hound part on kill. Yours gives you her built hound ontop of her weapon.
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