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  1. Fake difficulty is a boss fight that requires you have a basic comprehension of the games mechanics? Jump for the horizontal slash, side step for vertical and projectile. Pretty easy. It's like a mastery test tbh.
  2. Unless PlayNC / NCsoft takes over control for the sake of adding Warframe to it's kill count the game will be here for a while.
  3. Gotta love those "balance does not matter in PvE" arguments.
  4. I don't really care about the Lich system. But if one of the corpus weapons is the Supra. I'm gonna be all over it.
  5. Marking all the loot pillars in Cambion Drift makes life easy.
  6. I think only the normal Heliocor will scan them if you've maxed their scans... unless that finally got fixed. Also, you won't benefit from the double scans widget that way.
  7. Not sure if joking or not. I say this because her passive makes everything silent.
  8. So it defaults to oldest huh? Frost Prime makes sense. I *guess* he was my first prime. My dear starter Loki... and other base frames got sold whenever I got Loki Prime and the other primes.
  9. This is the one I've been using. Though I use strength. Yup.
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