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  1. Considering I've seen him a grand total of 3 times. I dunno man.
  2. It's not exactly a good idea to start a post about design polishing and use a text colour that is barely visible on the dark forum theme. That being said, everything before your ideas on formas is something i'd love. But has also all been requested before.
  3. Quite hard to have neck teeth when you don't have a neck.
  4. Why are mods even a thing? Just buff all stats.
  5. No... that's the landing craft. the whole thing is the orbiter.
  6. Whole world does not go ahead and behind an hour. Helps not confuse people. edit: Wait, now that I'm reading what you've said some more I am now confused as to exactly what is being said. Time does change? I'm confused, and tired.
  7. Silver tree specter is probably the silver grove specters.
  8. Why not? It's only a positive if you feel the need to get real close.
  9. All I can do is mark everyone with Sonar. I'm sad. Can get people stoned for a minute if the mood strikes me and I play Atlas though.
  10. Look. I'm still waiting on Stalker to get a slick black stealth fighter esk craft to hunt us down in Archwing.
  11. Oberon. Banshee (Laughable direct ability damage though) and I don't think so. Then again they just have it. Not really based around it.
  12. Were you the one activating it though or someone else?
  13. Judging by the latest bit of the story and his presence on Jupiter I want to believe he has a higher chance of spawning there. But I really have no idea at all.
  14. Unfortunately for the most part drops are connected to the planet not the enemy.
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