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  1. FYI the "self damage" is because it uses a tiny amount of your health (3%) for ammo when it reloads.
  2. I kinda forgot disruption existed against enemies besides the infested I've been trying to get the Acceltra BP for so long.
  3. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t get counted though?
  4. That short period of I don't even remember what where he was our mission handler was a fun time.
  5. And magic is heresy. That looks pretty well done. I like it.
  6. Horizon Zero Dawn on PC The Riftbreaker Creeper World 4 Everspace 2 Cyberpunk 2077, which might be out in 2077 if it's delayed enough Dying Light 2 which now has no ETA. Yeah, I've got a bunch to look forward to.
  7. At this point I think we've just slapped a void key to the front of the orbiter.
  8. Because much like the people who think that Protea's turret that can mow down corrupted level 170 Corrupted Bombards needs a damage buff... things and stuff and reasons.
  9. If you get a treasurer, leave the mission and start a new one dragging along your coin from the previous mission, you can cut down on the wait for the treasurer by running the granum void mission first. All that aside... what Banshee rework?
  10. I'll forgive him at least 2 terrible deeds for the verbal smack down he gave Nef.
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