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  1. None because the Grineer don't use the Supra. Edit: Might find something that catches my eye but I doubt it.
  2. Yeah. The fact that Amesha with 4 forms of invuln can't even stop the ejections is ridiculous.
  3. There are very few rare mods you'll want that are not mission rewards or from enemies with a 100% mod drop chance. Arch dual mods are fixed drops from end of mission though.
  4. I'm confused as to why you think damage from a damage frame will overshadow a cc frame with a single similar ability.
  5. Then you don't have any reason to forma, level or potato. You're not very convincing. What's more, that's half the game. The other half is collecting all the stuff.
  6. Short stun, fire damage multiplier on enemies, cast speed bonus. Augment spread the cast speed to allies and gave allies and yourself fire damage / increased what you had. Edit: Before that it was Overheat which was just an OP as Hek 90% DR and a damage aura that ignored armor.
  7. I'm not particularly happy that Accelerant seems to be entirely gone.
  8. We had that once. It's gone and for good reason.
  9. Might have an Android but you also have a print screen button. edit: Noticed PS4. I... uhhh... you have a button still probably.
  10. Eh. As is the only hard to get mods are mission rewards, not enemy drops. That being said I do get the concerns.
  11. Damn that’s a nice lil buff. Too bad RNG cat kavat is life.
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