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  1. Animal instinct should transfer over. Why night? They’re around all times of day. And you don’t need to hit X.
  2. I'm pretty sure this is the same guy who almost 2 weeks ago now got auto flagged and banned from trading for 2 weeks because of his 7 hour+ arb run.
  3. Don't forget you can even shoot down the missiles. Making them even less of a threat than they already are.
  4. Where did they mention new kubrow stuff? Random breeding effects? Oh no. Edit: oh I’ve missed a devstream again. Damn.
  5. No because people will want their years spent spamming trade and not playing the game back. Can't have DE not respecting player investment now... hehehe.
  6. Stealth needs to be fixed baaaaaad. Every few updates something new breaks and never gets fixed.
  7. Why does seemingly everyone say the heliocor works when it doesn't? edit: Oh my god. It's because the Synoid Heliocor (which i've been using) won't properly scan max scanned kavats like the Heliocor. That being said I still don't think the hammer utilizes the synthesis scanner double scan chance widget.
  8. So you pretty much want Nidus except instead of going from normal power to OP it's absolute garbage to normal?
  9. It doesn’t even require a vague amount of teamwork to prioritize and solo a crewship though.
  10. Grustrag Bolt. Defeated by G3. You should now have the bolt release blueprint which is pretty cheap to build. If not, check your mail.
  11. Oh. I thought the game uninstalled itself. Just a complaint thread. Don’t let that door hit you on the way out now!
  12. Having your planet's environment forcefully changed to suit another species would probably result in being mega dead.
  13. I'm pretty sure the real thing that's happened is everyone has agreed to just let the hosts fly their own ships... meanwhile you're the host and probably are not speaking up about not wanting to. Also, seriously. The worst side guns to stop people from using them? Little bad mannered there honestly. And inefficient.
  14. Am I to believe reduced max shield and armor somehow also reduces max health? Wah?
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