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  1. That's usually what I do too. A lot of the time i'll find out what the third mod is before I see my lich again though.
  2. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Myxostomata It's bought from daughter for rep.
  3. Have you remembered to use Processed Vome Residue?
  4. The mission to kill more infested than garv has tons of infested pods. tons. Only 1% seem to actually spawn infested on that objective and it seriously needs looking at.
  5. Most importantly it also disables certain other actions like harpoons. Screw harpoons.
  6. Pretty sure it’s gonna be a void environment and come with Duviri Paradox. Whenever that comes out, perhaps next update after The New War.
  7. OP appears to be responding to something nobody ever mentioned or cared about that’s probably irrelevant since it’s likely only for the quest: playing as other characters (Kahl, Velcro, and Teshin) slowing down the game. This guy seems to be saying it’s not that which slows down the game but sentients.
  8. Leech eximus gives you energy regen. You linked the wiki and the answer was right in there.
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