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Allow On-Call Crew Benchwarmers


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DE, can we please allow me to assign 'benchwarmer' crew as being On-Call?


meaning, I'd like to be able to use one of my non-railjack assigned 4th crewmembers as my On-Call.

Sometimes an Elite Crew will have stats and perks that I want for On-Call as a ground combatant, but these are different from stats I want for my Railjack Crew.

Unfortunately as it is now, I cannot summon an On-Call unless they are concurrently on the RJ crew.


Having to go to Dock and swap crew in and out depending on if I want to play Empyrean vs Normal Starchart is a pain. Allowing me to set my 'benchwarmer' (not for RJ) crewman as on-call would be a great convenience.


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