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Railjack endo gathering


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Endo as most people know can be a bother to farm as it is one of the most valuable resources in the game. Today I am here to provide two methods of farming endo in railjack.

The first way is opening any container whatsoever in any railjack mission. It does not matter what mission whether easy or hard for whatever reason any resource container or locker will drop 15 endo 100% of the time. Although this isn't the best way, the benefits of doing it this way is that you can do this solo, on easy missions very early in the game.

The second way personally is my favourite. All you do is run a high level railjack mission, veil proxima for example, and blow up everything. This will require a fully equipped railjack and preferably you would be doing this with hired crew mates. As you blow up enemy fighters and crewships they will drop mods and parts and these parts can be sold for 225 endo each. A good run will net you 15-20 mark III parts. Very easy to do solo, and very rewarding in regards to endo credits and miscellaneous rewards.

Finally if you really wanted there is nothing stopping you from doing both methods at the same time for the absolute most amount, while using resource doublers and Nekros or Hydroid to optimise this. I'm aware that there are easier methods for endo but to my knowledge this provides the most well rounded rewards

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