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How do I screenshot a bug from play station 4 an send it here


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Bug Reporting: If your warframe game crashes, a blue screen of death should appear and you can click send on that. If you want to share something else such a personal bug report (that didn't make your game crash), then keep reading on.

Take a screenshot: click the Share button on your controller, you may need to also click Triangle to save the pic.

  • If you have a USB memory stick: plug it in to your PS4, open the Gallery app and pick your screenshot, use the StartMenu(Options) button on your controller and select Copy To, your USB stick should appear there.
  • If you have a tablet or phone: install the Playstation app on it, send the screenshot from your PS4 to a friend or party, then go onto your Playstation app to open the conversation and download the picture.
  • If you have no patience for this convoluted mumbo-jumbo: take a cellphone picture of your TV screen.

Sharing your screenshot: After all that and you finally have a picture on a device or computer than can visit real websites, go to imgur.com and create a new account, upload your picture, click the Share Direct Link option (it will end with a ".jpg") and paste it in the appropriate place in the forums (Bug Reports, I assume).

All done and Baro's your uncle!

Hope this helps.


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