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Legend 1 "Mastery Locked"


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3 minutes ago, Hobie-wan said:

Were they stuck in the RJ in your dojo or otherwise very far away? I don't think that bug has been fixed and if they'd fast traveled to a lab or gotten closer it might have fixed it.

This bug hasn't been fixed. If the other player spawns in the railjack, there is an extremely high chance they will either

A: Be unselectable for trade as if they are not present in the first place

B: Throw back mastery rank issues no matter what.

Try leaving and coming back, and if the issue persists try having both ends relaunch their client.

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I had something similar to this happen recently, spawned in another player's dojo (in the RJ) to sell them an item and when trying to add it I was told it was "Partner Locked" but with the Mastery Rank up symbol (the one you see in the pause menu when you're eligible to rank up) prepended to it. A reinvite fixed the issue, but still very odd.

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Specifying that I spawned in the RJ and not in any room otherwise
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20 hours ago, Flannoit said:

This bug hasn't been fixed.

I thought not.

So yeah, the workaround is to fast travel somewhere else in the dojo since it's likely they can't just exit the ship door either. Maybe they might need to be a bit closer too if it's a particularly sprawling layout.

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