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  1. Can we stop removing topics related to this and actually fix it? It's been a problem since Melee 3.0 and is still an issue now @[DE]Rebecca. It's ridiculous that Blast damage has been allowed to remain in this state unchecked since then.
  2. Love to see all these people crapping on the idea because it's a Chinese company. /s If they would like to then refer to League of Legends (Riot Games), Path of Exile (Grinding Gear Games) and many other MMOs for the sweeping changes that they didn't implement, I would be eternally grateful. On the plus side, congrats DE. Hope to hear that more community input is listened to in the coming months/years.
  3. See here (original update thread), but yes they have.
  4. Removed all valid sources of healing for the mechs and then gives us Necramech Repair to replace them. Why? Surely you knew this was going to be a bad change, and one that is appropriately causing most players a lot of frustration. Hell, even removing Rejuvenate from the possible options just feels petty with its 3hp/s. Ugh.
  5. This is still broken, only applies a blast proc and nothing else.
  6. In case you missed it, there's several tutorials on how to avoid having to actually redownload the game. Read the rest of the thread please. Also, further confirmation that the skins revert Kuva Ogris and Kuva Drakgoon back to base stats when in use. Please fix this, I went through the trouble of redownloading the game before anyone had any tutorials on avoiding it out there, so I would like to be able to use the weapons without some kind of completely arbitrary detriment to their use.
  7. The process is correct. You need to claim the PACK before logging in, not just the game. And if you're trying to say semantics in "install launcher as part of install game", no.
  8. No. That would completely make the base glaive changes redundant. Literally just start charging and let go and it works fine. I prefer to be able to choose between using either the hover, or standard behavior.
  9. No... What? Rivens are not necessary at all, they just are able to make the process of getting things efficiently more simple. You're making your statement based on the 1% who do only this, in the most efficient way possible. You're still perfectly capable of managing in nearly every case without one. Also, just because you don't see them as fun doesn't mean others don't. Without rivens, we wouldn't be able to have fun with negative flight speed on projectiles, turn certain weapons into interestingly useful hybrids, etc. While I do agree with the sentiment that they buff powerful weapons too m
  10. If you read any of the news they'd released then you'd know what the update is for and that it actually ends up saving you 8GB of space. Also, some people have been maxed on prestige ranking for weeks now. The Nightwave hasn't been at the final stage for long enough to allow all players a fair chance at it, so be patient and let everyone get their chance.
  11. @master_of_destinyI stated I have no intent on continuing discussion with you, as we clearly have differing viewpoints. However: that figure is an estimate on how much I use on average at this stage, not throughout my 4332 hours playing, and for the record it's 2370. https://gfycat.com/spryindeliblearcticseal
  12. I will say again: "You don't like to forma as much as I do". I have not taken a hiatus, because I did not want to. I have kept crafting forma constantly, when I have the blueprints. I am not saying any of this to start a discussion on the necessity of forma, nor its cost, nor the statement of "if you are impatient, you buy from them". My entire initial point was about the fact the shop comes across as nearly a reskin of Plague Star, notably without the forma available for purchase. You go on about your attention span and truthful intent without actually yourself considering the intent of the p
  13. Understand that I was posting from a mobile device, on my break. What I meant to say is that it has the effect of moving the meta gradually, bit by bit. I do not assume my intentions are truth, I put forward my topical opinion - in saying that; I have seen several instances in which you've tangentially kept your posts on topic, but each pushes the boundaries in different ways. I did read through your post, my statement was a recommendation so you might actually have more people read them. Coming in to rebut with what is effectively an insult is not something I abide by, nor something I support
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