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  1. Thanks for the patch. Please fix Amalgam Furax Body Count already.
  2. I mean, glad to hear you managed but that's a very odd opinion to have when that's pretty much how Warframe works on the whole. You gain the vast majority of the mods and items you need through gameplay, with a few exceptions either due to personal choice, situational restrictions or bad luck. You gain Railjack mods and components through playing the gamemode, that is experience regardless of whether you consider it that or not.
  3. You do realize that's between 10 and 18 ayatans max, right? I have yet to have GI actually point out a rare crate, though admittedly it has pointed out a couple ayatans I would otherwise have missed. Still think it's silly that it doesn't point to supply caches (sabotage, hive etc) as well, but expecting DE to add that at this stage is a bit of a joke.
  4. ...that is literally experience with the gamemode.
  5. The rank 5 intrinsic requirement is also meant to act as a recommendation of experience. Generally once you get that you have learned the bare minimum of how to use, mod and play with a railjack - as others have already said it's very clear you have not. Take the time to learn the gamemode first before diving headfirst into what can only be described as a bloodbath with your setup.
  6. The Fass/Vome cycle is literally on the same timer as the Day/Night cycle in PoE. if you're not pointing that out then you're just nitpicking. The game is grindy, this is a ridiculous thing to be getting stuck up on at this point in the cycle.
  7. Hardly even a sidegrade considering how much geometry the damned thing gets stuck on.
  8. Before or even at the same time they need to change the fact Riven Transmuters are only obtainable via Tridolons. That system is so outdated and entirely painful to anyone who even cares about either rivens or Eidolons both for the same reason on either end - you either have way too many that you can't do anything with or you have none and no other way to obtain them. It's such a stupid system that has remained restricted for way too long.
  9. Have you read the Holokey and Yareli feedback threads, let alone any of the individual feedback threads or forums? If they're listening, they have a fidelity of around 10% at best.
  10. In fairness those vents are a huge pain, though I can kinda see where DE is coming from with there being varying layouts of which are open and closed. I think for a certain few vaults there should be some way to open those though (thinking particularly of two corpus vaults in the old tilesets).
  11. Rank 6 here, even with having almost every "duplicate-viable" item in the set I can't be bothered burning myself out all over again.
  12. Gunsen was actually pretty solid on introduction, Slicing Feathers however was a clunky mess. Melee 3.0 made that stance far more usable if nothing else, disregarding any changes made beforehand.
  13. Just a reminder, this thread is under the (PC) Trading Post subforum. 😀
  14. Since when does a weakened creature being nearby teleport players to it? Are you referring to the camera move performed when interacting with the downed creature (which requires you to already be next to it)? Seems like a very odd thing to be asking for in saying that.
  15. Doing that once a day gives you a single stim. It also requires double the quicks you've stated because of crafting confirmation. The problem I have is tedium caused by singular crafts instead of multiple. They have one-minute craft times, which doesn't sound bad until you want to build 50 synthula and 25 stims. It's a huge waste of potential runs doing something else (plague star for example) solely because the crafting is so tedious. It's adding more tedium to existing tedium to end up with a lower net tedium between them. If Plague Star was any sort of interesting to actually play this wouldn't be an issue, nor would Defection. But they are boring as all hell, thus the position.
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