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  1. Aaand still nothing... Still broken.
  2. As many have already said, there was no precedent or reason to even give Zakti or its Prime stagger. A reduction is welcome, but it still should not have stagger in the first place. Still waiting on the Amalgam Furax Body Count issue to be fixed, please at the very least respond to us on this matter so we know we've been heard, it's infuriating to sit here looking at something that should be a non-issue.
  3. Nezha was changed because people didn't feel like a previously only-sortie-obtainable frame was now becoming available to clans - that is not an issue in this circumstance. There's zero reason why Sevagoth parts should not be tradeable in the same light as the Epitaph, especially considering both come from the same source. Also, "malding" is generally a term to describe either undeserved vitriol towards a subject/topic, with the context of "mad balding" referring back to Asmongold if I recall correctly. (considering the following result from google, that sounds about right...)
  4. Nezha was for a long while before he made his way to clan dojos.
  5. And people wonder why we get so impatient and annoyed at em of late...
  6. Another hotfix, another disappointed sigh as I see this is ignored yet again. The enthusiasm towards the new content is appreciated, but please don't forget stuff you've already given us and that shouldn't be broken in the first place.
  7. This is my biggest issue with this bug and ones like it. There is little to no sign of even acknowledging they're aware of it so we can't gauge a proper response. Even as of Call of the Tempestarii Hotfix 1, the mod is still broken. The only sign I see of them even having seen the threads about this is that my own thread about this bug has been made into a redirect to this one.
  8. Looking forward to something different, would also like to know why my bug report on Amalgam Furax Body Count was removed when the bug is still very much present. Edit: Appears the post has been made into a redirect to another extant bug thread, but still no word on a fix? I say again, Arcane Eruption already forces a non-blast knockdown and wasn't broken with Melee 3.0 - the fix is right there.
  9. Please submit the issue to the bug hunting megathread (and source of the trello instances). Then it may gain some attention.
  10. Careful, we might get some obviously heavily biased responses from users calling those who disagree with them as kindergarten-level inputs. They might even drop to the point of trying to call us members of the "warframe-is-dying cult" or what-have-you! 😔
  11. I want DE to observably show what they intend, but we often don't get what we ask for, so...
  12. Good for you, I await the response of the OP as I value their input on this issue far more.
  13. Our viewpoints align for a second time, and it's no miracle. I simply feel that the referenced person is getting some kind of giddy rush from their responses here, as they're constantly referring to the same old trope of "warframe is dying cult" or what-have-you. If they took the time to read either of our posts, they would know that we do this because we don't like to see the game take this kind of turn, the lacking attitude towards player feedback, etc. It comes back to my original statement; why do we even have bug report forums if they aren't utilized by the party in control? I would
  14. No shade on you, international markets fluctuate on their own frequency. However @taiiat's input here is not something I value so I will not be responding to it directly. Any chance you could source a card or part through Ebay international sections, or something like Newegg?
  15. I could do without the sarcastic tone, which is evident even through this textual format. Take the high-and-mighty attitude and put it somewhere that matters, thanks.
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