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  1. Hardly even a sidegrade considering how much geometry the damned thing gets stuck on.
  2. Before or even at the same time they need to change the fact Riven Transmuters are only obtainable via Tridolons. That system is so outdated and entirely painful to anyone who even cares about either rivens or Eidolons both for the same reason on either end - you either have way too many that you can't do anything with or you have none and no other way to obtain them. It's such a stupid system that has remained restricted for way too long.
  3. Have you read the Holokey and Yareli feedback threads, let alone any of the individual feedback threads or forums? If they're listening, they have a fidelity of around 10% at best.
  4. In fairness those vents are a huge pain, though I can kinda see where DE is coming from with there being varying layouts of which are open and closed. I think for a certain few vaults there should be some way to open those though (thinking particularly of two corpus vaults in the old tilesets).
  5. Rank 6 here, even with having almost every "duplicate-viable" item in the set I can't be bothered burning myself out all over again.
  6. Gunsen was actually pretty solid on introduction, Slicing Feathers however was a clunky mess. Melee 3.0 made that stance far more usable if nothing else, disregarding any changes made beforehand.
  7. Just a reminder, this thread is under the (PC) Trading Post subforum. 😀
  8. Since when does a weakened creature being nearby teleport players to it? Are you referring to the camera move performed when interacting with the downed creature (which requires you to already be next to it)? Seems like a very odd thing to be asking for in saying that.
  9. Doing that once a day gives you a single stim. It also requires double the quicks you've stated because of crafting confirmation. The problem I have is tedium caused by singular crafts instead of multiple. They have one-minute craft times, which doesn't sound bad until you want to build 50 synthula and 25 stims. It's a huge waste of potential runs doing something else (plague star for example) solely because the crafting is so tedious. It's adding more tedium to existing tedium to end up with a lower net tedium between them. If Plague Star was any sort of interesting to actually play this wouldn't be an issue, nor would Defection. But they are boring as all hell, thus the position.
  10. Yep, it works perfectly fine for stripping the armor on it. I generally go for a full five or six dashes through the center of the heads just to ensure it works properly.
  11. I find it a little odd people take issue with the concept of modding Merulina being an issue because of the potential mobility-related issues it could cause...when Merulina has its own inbuilt dash that functions like a pseudo-double jump already. One of the biggest issues with having a K-Drive in standard maps is that DE has not tweaked the general hover height in any way - you're just so far off the ground that knocking your head on every door and outcrop or architecture is basically guaranteed. Lowering that hover height would fix that issue pretty much instantly, or otherwise rescaling it (and potentially Yareli as well when using it) so that when in use you are marginally smaller. This would also help towards the fact it provides a lower amount of Damage Reduction than most other similarly-functioning abilities by making the hitbox smaller. I understand comparing it to something like Razorwing is a little improper (as it functions similarly to the size reduction in standard Archwing missions) but the end result would likely be remarkably close. Those changes would help towards potential moddability in future, as well as the fact DE is entirely capable of restricting the use of certain mods (looking at you Poppin' Vert).
  12. Clearly it didn't come across with enough meaning. I've done at the very least 17 runs since the update dropped with increased quantities, with all but two of those runs being in the Veil. It's not for lack of effort, it's simply bad luck - but that doesn't make me like the situation any better. Also you either misunderstood what I meant in the post above or it didn't translate very well, my issue is nothing to do with difficulty or effort required - I put in almost the same effort in Earth Proxima as I do in Veil Proxima because I have spent the time to kit out my Railjack, crew and loadout. That doesn't at all change the fact that the same thing gets boring to do over and over without a shred of tangible reward afterwards. Yes, the Storms rotate - they still remain the exact same for longer than I and others choose to bear. There is no underlying system which decides to give me Holokeys if I run something other than Veil Proxima, my luck is just as bad regardless. I say again; burnout is real and this only serves to make it worse, faster.
  13. You missed the part where I said I'd been running Veil post-changes. The number of holokeys I have hasn't changed.
  14. It's literally the problem over 15 of these pages have detailed, increasing the amount doesn't in any way deaden the blow that is failure to get the drop you want regardless of effort put in.
  15. 100% this. It would simplify and speed up any checks drastically.
  16. Believe it or not, that's how many I have ever gotten since their introduction. I alternated between regions because I got tired of the exact same thing with literally no return - and I have gotten none from Veil Proxima post-update anyhow so the quantity boost has made no difference in my situation. Burnout is a thing and failure to get something with a drop rate that high expedites that immensely, so no need for the snarky overview.
  17. Contact support, definitely. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  18. Even post-changes I've run a total of around 50 or so Void Storms, I have 16 Holokeys at last count. RNG is quite clearly a factor in both of our cases but you are well within the minority with luck such as that.
  19. First and foremost of your statements, where did I claim games died? I've asked this already but nobody has deigned to point it out. I am fully aware it adds blast procs, if you took the time to check the bug report thread in which I refer to so vehemently then you would see the recordings I have made of the mod and its effects in action. You are welcome to make your assumptions about DE's intent, I and others do the exact same although I disagree with your perception of the intent - I still believe they used blast because it knocked enemies down, not any other variant of the situation. I used the Amalgam religiously before Melee 3.0 gutted any real use from it, both in regards to its passive effect around melee knockdowns and around how many AoE weapons it simply does not affect. The description of the mod is not the issue, else they would have changed that when they changed blast. Furax (and its variants) is just overall an underused weapon and that apparently makes that particular bug a non-issue. You and I both obviously have thousands of hours in the game and even when you say you've "barely run into them" it implies you have. There are at least three tile borders that can (out of the blue) void you out and apply as if you'd jumped off the map. I say "at least three" because those are the ones I can think of, two of which are branched off of the same elevator tile where there's a Kuria before you enter said elevator. Those ones I refer to are quite literally just areas in the tile connection areas - aka the Doors. You run through them, you get voided out. Reset with no preamble, no reason, loss of all active effects and quite literally no reason for it. Keeping Merulina makes the lore around Yareli hold true, so I wouldn't hold my breath there. In regards to Aquablades being completely unaffected by range, or Riptide being "a joke of an ultimate ability" as stated within the very feedback thread your own statement refers to; how do we improve it? I can't speak much on the topic, as I've only put two forma into Yareli so far. The numerical changes that the Tutorial introduces are more indicative of player retention than assumptions made around how players interact with not only the wiki - but also the overall community, both within and without the game. I say you've failed to check the points I've made because I have detailed similar or the same points I already do in this same post. Go back, read more and come back with your response after a proper read. I have work in the morning, so I will not likely respond until it's either necessary or possible. Good day.
  20. I'm not saying that at all... I'm saying that I've clarified what people perceived this thread to mean since I posted it.
  21. First and foremost, you good? Have you even read what people like quxier said in this post? It worked entirely as stated before DE changed how blast procs worked (which has been very clearly pinned down to Melee 3.0), which was what they relied on to make the mod function. I have suggested (as have many others) that they use the same effect as is proc'd by Arcane Eruption; a non-status, non-damaging effect that simply knocks enemies down. I'll potentially respond to the other points you made later after I've rested - but that particular point just shows me you've either neglected the pages in the thread (as I very clearly requested you check) or that you've ignored what you read (so as to have the narrative fit your needs). Out of bounds areas that shouldn't be where they are? Go visit the Corpus Outpost tileset a little more often and check the connections between rooms. There's at least three I can think of from personal experience and closer to 7 from what I've heard; you just void out for no visible reason. "Nidus Prime invigoration is fixed, they did that very quickly." - that doesn't in any way help anyone who has a "bad invigoration", regardless of them purchasing the PA. Even just being able to mod Merulina would help it hugely - let alone the previously stated suggestion that they lower Yareli's hover center so she doesn't smack her head on every single door. The tutorial has been improved - that much I'm happy to admit to. There's still far more elements to the game that are not explained by DE and need to be detailed by either random people that newbies come across or helpers in given communities. There are so many points in your post that either indicate or imply that you haven't bothered to check or are refusing to do so of your own volition. I'm getting very weary of repeating the same point here; Read the thread in its entirety before responding, if you had then your response would change.
  22. You don't farm them, you build them. Same with Synthula - you farm the resources required to build those stims and Synthula which I mentioned in the above post: It's far and away from the idea of being unviable or impossible, but that doesn't mean it's not a right pain in the backside to even perform due to crafting times.
  23. Understanding how the calculations work for those same critical mods you mentioned would help elevate your understanding of why they aren't all used when possible. Diminishing returns are a thing and it's less impactful when considering status because it varies. I stand with Uan91 and many others when things like this are said: It's a preposterous idea to begin with as it's been at least related to Warframe's core mechanics from the very beginning, as has status while in a different form.
  24. I appreciate the breakdown you composed in response to that, it's a very clear way to illustrate exactly the problem I want to highlight with feedback (though again for those reading, feedback is my secondary issue after bug report clarity). Also just to point out to you @CrimsonXX, one main reason I continue to reference the Minecraft Bug Tracker is because of the transparency and clarity around it for the players. It's not there for them to contribute to fixing the bugs directly (though for those skilled in Java, it wouldn't be a first for them to offer a relevant and suitable solution) but it allows the information given by countless players in countless situations to be compiled and referenced under one umbrella. On the end with less change, it would likely call for more thread merging on the forums and either manual or bot-performed addition (or updates) to the Trello board (which you seem to have forgotten already exists and is a perfect platform for them to utilize for both the players and their benefit). On the other end, sure - a whole bug tracker. I don't expect either, but suggesting it can seed an idea that can lead to progress. Not saying anything is entirely your choice, I choose to be vocal about this. I'm not asking DE to implement their own version of that, because the resources required to do so would likely outweigh the benefit (at least in the short term). You say you read my responses, but you gloss over the fact that situations (like what L3512 specified above) centered around not integrating player feedback or bug reporting have happened, they do happen and it's been the general trend for a huge amount of the input within the public test clusters from what I hear. All I would like to see is a little more communication as a bare minimum, with the implementation of the above as a great alternative should they see the value in it. As always you're entitled to your opinion about both the current state of things and the implied necessity of what I and others suggest - that doesn't mean I'm going to stop putting my word in. You call it entitlement when it's specifically requested from the players, considering it "my vision for the game" or what-have-you; I'm literally just doing what they have already requested we do for years now, just in terms you (and some others) do not agree with. Don't forget the initial statement I've made both around why I made the thread and the clarification made at the bottom of the OP (because based on your response you seem not to fully grasp the context in its entirety), I do this because I am passionate about the game, the community and I see a lot of the discontent daily.
  25. I wonder if Logitech has a similar function I could enable, that sounds like a lovely way to experience the atmospheric work they do put in.
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