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Atlas Landslide interactions with Crit


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Crit mods do get added to Landslide but with only 5% base chance you're not going to get huge crit results with just mods.

Arcane Avenger does at a flat 45% to your crit chance (total 50%) which is far more substantial than what you're going to get from your melee mods. 

Arcane Avenger's bonus is not affected by mods. It is always +45% on top of whatever the weapon crit is.

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1 hour ago, Choobular said:

does anyone know if the crit chance increase is improved when you add the Arcange Avenger 45% extra base crit?

It does.  And so doe the Smeeta and Adraza buffs.

28M normal crit with just Avenger on Angst




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