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FPS drops with explosive weapons


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AMD FX 6300@4.3GHZ, 8GB DDR2 Hyperx, Nvidia 960GTX 2GB, Windows 8.1, any driver, any video settings ingame and outside of the game (now using 457.51 Nvidia driver)

Pretty much and being quick any explosion, doesnt matter what config im using i get fps drops, and its weird because the explosion doesnt have huge textures, or something to make it drop

Being host, with a full squad in open world and everyone using explosions, plus explosions of the map i have a solid 30 fps depends how close where i am and where is the explosion.


Alone old corpus spy mission in steel path: 141fps no enemies around


Shooting with bramma 2M away from my feet, 81 fps, and im sure drops way more hard to take a screen with puush


This apply for any explosion like necramech (very common in open world) or explosions from other people with aoe weapons, included abilties

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On 2021-10-05 at 3:28 PM, Lullypumpsie said:

Same thing with  AoE weapons, especially large drawdowns in FPS began to appear after Nights of Naberus: Update 30.8.0 

i think issue is:

  • Made FX improvements to Blast proc explosions. Additionally the explosion FX for Concealed Explosives and Thunderbolt have been updated.

*i use Akarius

Being honest this is not new, i can load and have stable fps in fortuna, but when i shoot kuva bramma since day 1 i have -50fps, but now feels way way worse

And like i said in the post, is really weird because the explosion effects, is very cheap, im not using particles, everything is in  low/medium

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Same here. Before the recent lighting and Blast FX changes, I could shoot explosions at my feet with barely an impact on FPS, but since the changes any time there's explosions near me, my FPS plummets. It's barely affected by your settings since the explosions make the FPS drop even on the absolute lowest settings possible, which boggles the mind. I don't have the best rig ever or anything, but it wasn't an issue before, even on max settings - now I can barely enjoy my favorite playstyle.

I do hope this gets fixed sometime soon - I'd rather my enjoyment of the game not plummet as bad as my FPS.

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