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Suggestion: Shepheard system - Op-link repurpose (inspired by Division 2)


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In Division 2 there is something called the Shepheard system. How it works:

- It's basically a "help me" system. You can turn it on/off anytime. It's opt in for both sides.
- Struggling players can "call for backup" if they have a problem with a mission or just generally wanna do something and they don't know how.
- Experienced players who can help are being offered (by the system) to join the players who called for backup.
- Players then can endorse those who've helped them. By aquiring endorsements you get special rewards.

How it could work in Warframe?

- There would be a station in the Orbiter for the Shepheards. Shepheards open it up, turn it on and the system starts feeding them offers.
- The offer would include info about the mission type, enemy faction and level of the mission.
- If you accept, you are given the chance to pick your loadout and are connected to the player in need.
- There could always be only one Shepheard. No more. No less.
- Players in need would "call for backup" by simply using the oplink item in gearwheel.

Rewards should not be anything big. Maybe a unique cosmetic or maybe like a very small credits payout.
The point of this system would not be farming anything, but making it easy to help players.
I would personally be glad to help anyone with basically anything, but only if it was quick and easy for me. I honestly can't be bothered to search forums or in game chat.

What do you think? :)

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Hmm... interesting. I've had the recruitment channel open sometimes just to see if anyone needed help, out of boredom more than anything else.

I'll +1 this, although I'd add that it should have a timer. Good for maybe 30 seconds. We'd also have to think about filling a team to max and cancelling it when full.

I disagree slightly about the rewards. If it's an integrated system rather than a humanitarian NGO then we'll need to offer some not-sh!t rewards, otherwise it's likely to help as many people as my recruitment trawling (which I can probably count on two hands).

That said, I think this would help a lot of people who are struggling around this inherently difficult to learn game.

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