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  1. Both Cross-play and Cross-save are in development, but are not here yet. Your account is currently tied to Xbox and you cannot access it from Switch.
  2. I think I understand what i said. It is not a problem. Don't worry. It is normal.
  3. I am pretty sure that this is a failsafe. When the game detects that the animation is not safe to play, it does that instead. It happens sometimes, so the animation doesn't break.
  4. That ephemera is only temporary while the event is active. Same as the easter eggs ephemera, etc.
  5. Go back into the previous menu. Mandachord got it's own menu option in the left column.
  6. https://n8k6e2y6.ssl.hwcdn.net/repos/hnfvc0o3jnfvc873njb03enrf56.html Look for Plague star bounty. The chances are very... VERY low. So it will take some time to get a drop.
  7. Hmm.. you are right.. if I recall correctly I definitelly had more than 0 invigorations before this update..
  8. Well I meant it not as a lore fact, but as a gameplay thing. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Eris - Prior to Update 14.0 (2014-07-18), the Corpus were the controlling faction. But I just found that according to the wiki after the collapse of the Orokin Empire the infestation was unattended and it could just do whatever it wanted. So that means that Lotus being surprised that the infestation is present makes even less sense now. yeah.. they gotta
  9. Yes. Deimos phased out of the void when the heart broke. So yeah, recently. (Also I find it ridiculus that you can do the quest before doing Archwing quest, because the Heart of Deimos quest begins with you landing on the planet by archwing, which you don't own.) IIRC Eris used to be a Corpus planet. Long time ago Once awake was perfectly fine, but then stuff happened and the story of the quest stopped making sense. It's the same thing with Alad V. Imagine you are a new player. You see him once on Jupiter and have no interaction with him. Then out of nowhere he talks about stuff in second dream and you have no idea what is he talking about. The reason is that stuff happened. Story was tied to events that don't exist anymore. The amout of interaction with Alad V prior to Second dream was huge. But is there any kind of explenation why he is perfectly fine on Jupiter, infested on Eris, has a healed scar on face during second dream and onward? No. When DE introduced Once awake the story of infested was. "They are suppose to be long gone. How did they appear here. Damn Grineer are experimenting on them." That does not seem true anymore. But maybe you are right. Lotus does lie in the quest :D just like she does all the time.
  10. Yeah I know. Imagine you have just moved into a new neighbourhood. As it happens your friend Lotus has lived in this neighbourhood for hundreds of years. You go out with her first day and you find a rabid dog. Your friend Lotus says: "Omg, this shoudn't be possible, where did this rabid dog appear?" The next day you find out that the whole town is plagued by rabid dogs. Is your friend Lotus a liar? Or do we have a narative problem?
  11. Well the bigger issue for me is that stuff like Deimos, Eris and the presence of infested across the whole origin system contradicts what is said in the quest itself. Lotus acts like "omg this shouldn't be possible, where did grineer find the infested??? *surprise pikatchu face*", but in reality the origin system is full of them. Unfortunatelly the quest is a relict of the old Warframe and needs a narative change, because it doesn't make any sense anymore.
  12. I usually don't, because I am weird like this, but I do totally agree with you. I think there should be some kind of bonus droptable, that would be rolled, when the plan changes. The feeling should not be "noooooo, god dammit Lotus", but "hey what a luck, I get to roll another reward"
  13. It could very well be an ephemera. The eros wings are a solid object attached onto the warframe model. Zarina ephemera is already a skirt. I don't see a reason it could not be a maid suit.
  14. Yeah.. that's a good point. How about 3rd arcane slot only for these? If you want to minmax a certain warframe you can unlock the slot by item that you could buy from let's say Teshin or elsewhere really. All existing helmets would transform into the "new" arcanes and they can be reintroduced easily. But that would be devtime.
  15. Currently Amesha and only Amesha. The archwing abilities are not really relevant in the current state, but Amesha is about survival. Amesha 1, 2 and 4 are great abilites. 1 makes you immortal 2 heals and is good for defending points in Archwing mobile defense 4 gives you energy that you need for 1 and 2 Yeah Itzal has the cool niche for sucking up items, but that's not really relevant.
  16. Ever since there was the screw up with the scorpion arcane helmet (twice) I am of the opinion that the arcane helmets could actually be reintroduced into the game. I don't see any reason why not. Most of them are pretty weak, but they are a cool item to farm. It is a content that is probably going to stay in the game forever, since you allowed them to be kept in our invetories, but they have been unobtainable for quite some time. It would be a great addition to nightwave shop rotations, or maybe they could drop in Railjack or anywhere really. I feel like it's an easy oportunity to refresh some droptables or vendors.
  17. No.. remove the timers completely. I couldn't care less about the MR tests since I am MR31, but it frustrates me that there are these arbitrary time gates, that make no sense. People complain about it very frequently. Usually you don't fail a test, because you are incapable, but because you make a mistake or because you misunderstand the test. So far I have never heard a good reason for the existence of 24h time gate. No matter if you fail or succeed. If we really need a punisment for failing the test, make it an hour. And remove the timegate when you succeed in the test. When you are a new player and you are excited about the game, the biggest let down is, when you really want to progress asap, but you cannot, because there is 24h timegate. And there is no logical reason to have it.
  18. If there is a devstream they usually anounce it in the middle of a week. There technically should be one this friday, but they are working on the new war... sooo.. maybe they don't have anything they would be willing to show, until the update drops. And I am ok with that.
  19. I have 100% subsumed, BUT I am high MR and when they announced helminth last year on Tennocon I had 2 months of holidays to farm everything. Then I just subsumed every day. From those 6 you WANT to subsume Gauss and Protea. Gauss has dps ability that can be used to speed-level frames in SO, which is very nice. Protea gives dispensary which fixes a lot of Warframe energy economies.
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