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  1. 99% of the time there's no reason to really have much of the things DE adds to the game beyond them simply being an additional time/plat/forma sink. That's why weapons reaching level 40 would essentially be better, allows anyone who wants to use both without dedicating a slot to a polarity 99% mods can't use, and makes swapping to various builds easier without needing duplicate weapons. This also wouldn't be an abnormal thing to have in the game at this point.
  2. My issue with self-damage weapons in the context of Warframe is it makes no sense. Other games have self-damage either because realism, because other games did it, or balance purposes. In other games rocket-launchers tend 1 shot everything, where as normal weapons take far more time, and have lower range. What about Warframe? It's not realism, we take no fall damage while using Warframes. It's not a balance issue, there's other weapons that delete enemies in 1 hit, have better fire rates, have better reload times, and better ammo economy; even their "aoe" is typically a joke when you consider secondary weapons without self damage have the same aoe, or the range Warframe abilities reach. Some weapons get to use a mod, that doesn't really take a slot, to remove the risk of dying, and the lower damage penalty is a joke for 99% of situations; some Warframes remove the risk, or reduce it even.
  3. You actually can't use both with some builds, before taking rivens into account. It's even worse for exalted melees that have less mod capacity (60 rather than 70). A better alternative would probably just be an item that lets weapons reach level 40, and giving exalted melees capacity from their stance.
  4. I like how restarting a mission a million times is a "free pass" to ephemeras, or really, anything, and yet, spending a small amount of plat to bypass that process entirely somehow is okay. This is before taking into account it would be limited anyways, meaning, getting them through plat, as usual, will be the better way to not waste your time. There's zero reason to grind ephemeras yourself unless you want multiple 60% weapons.
  5. Other games typically kill allies too, something DE chose not to be a thing, so I'm not even sure what's wrong with not having it at all.
  6. It depends on a lot of factors, I've played Warframe on my phone using Steam over mobile data as an experiment, the input lag was low enough to be tolerable compared to when I beta tested Google's service through AC:O where the input lag there would get extreme. The primary issue there becomes the visual quality.
  7. The negative fire rate is actually noticeable, and the mod is pretty much equal to Hammer Shot in regards to number of shots required to kill higher level armored units, although due to negative fire rate it takes more time. If slash procs work, then HM is better for the slot. The mod only gives 18.2% crit chance to a Rubico Prime, and loses 1.32 fire rate; you may as well get a trash rubico riven with CC on it, as at least it will provide nearly equal to or more crit chance.
  8. DE just need to make reporting people who aren't contributing (intentionally) easier to report.
  9. Define: "a lot of games". I've had Nexon flag me for credit fraud automatically before, despite never having a history of using credit there. I had a publisher permanently suspend my account for cheating, I appealed and was told after "investigating" it was clear I did cheat, 2 years later an apology over their automated system triggering massive amounts of false positives with no compensation for their terrible support. Another publisher using automated systems had my account flagged for RMT, despite the fact I almost never traded, rarely even used the AH; as usual stood by the system claiming they "investigated", but turned out to be yet another lie. One publisher suspended multiple victims of severe online harassment, due to one of the primary bullies being apart of the volunteer team, and a close friend to what publishers at the time would be called GM. I could go on, but I'm sure you get the point that if you consider DE to be the worst over a temporary trade ban, then you honestly haven't played enough different games over 15 years.
  10. That simply isn't true. Most free to play games, or really, any game that isn't initially a single player game, does not last much longer after going into maintenance mode. Games that enter maintenance mode do not get bug fixes, or any sort of polish. Those games have nearly no development budget, and publishers put in the bare amount of money possible in maintaining said games; after all, why would any publisher waste money on a small game that is never going to be updated? We have games that are nearly 20 years old, still receiving new content for a reason. Games that are not designed around releasing a new version every 1-3 years rely on new content. We don't get a new Warframe game every couple years. Even pvp games see new content in the form of new maps, game modes, or weapons/characters.
  11. Even with a mouse, that would be fairly uncomfortable, there's a reason why using LMB for melee was brought back again after they removed it before. A better solution was using Silva & Aegis, as it was a decent weapon that heavy attacks while holding attack button/key down never worked, ever. In the end, thankfully, they just got rid of the feature altogether, rather than waiting for them to ever fix it. Unfortunately for people that liked it, they stated no toggle, just a removal.
  12. They are removing the hold attack key to trigger a heavy attack next hotfix.
  13. I'm not sure how you're basing railjack being more balanced than the standard game. After a point Veil Railjack missions are done very quickly, just like how standard missions become a breeze after getting a certain amount of mods. Just like the standard game where you can afk at Earth and kill enemies, you can also do the same with Railjack using Particle Ram. It's not as if slowing the missions would be a good thing, because just like the standard game, Railjack also has low drop chances. Railjack doesn't even let a full squad fill all roles, because the Pilot deletes all fighters, leaving 1 person to kill crewships, and maybe 1 person to use forge, while the 4th person does nothing.
  14. They're removing the hold for heavy attack instead of a toggle, and it makes sense because it's not as if a toggle even fixes the issues with how you can't even hold for heavy attack unless you only are using heavy attacks, and it would make no sense to do that when using the dedicated key lets you heavy attack chain quicker.
  15. Common mods/prime sets are already under 10 plat. Braton Prime set is under 10 plat, Hunter Adrenaline can already be bought for 1 plat. "Low end" players have no access to making plat, because the highest plat items are extremely rare mods, some of which are tied to events (weeping wounds) or being around for the right baro (some primed mods), arcanes that are tied to content they wouldn't even be able to farm, and rivens for specific weapons, or dumping a billion Kuva to get good rivens. There's a reason why trade chat is mainly riven spam, there's very little worth even selling. Inexperienced players also wouldn't know of Warframe.Market to sell their low value items, and since they're new, it's not as if they can go out of their way to sell prime parts either. I'm also not sure why people like pretending DE is against an AH over concerns with the economy. It's already beyond trash, so bad that it manages to be so much worse than severe inflation that occurs on traditional Korean MMORPGs. If they cared about the economy, they would stop tanking veiled riven mods, which make the already mediocre sortie rewards, even worse. At one point getting veiled pistol or kitgun rivens weren't bad, pistol was ~40 plat earlier last year, and kitguns almost 100 plat, but then came DE with their here's free veiled rivens multiple times, and now both are ~10 plat each. Nightwave hurt easy methods of farming plat, all drift mods are now worth nothing compared to 30 plat per Power Drift. DE doesn't want an AH, because simply adding an AH isn't enough, all it would do is show the truth about how impossible it is for a typical player to legitimately earn plat unless they already own everything. DE would have to rethink their reward structure, and create an economy with goods that are in constant demand, rather than the typical get once and no longer need. That sort of economy functions (barely) when you create a trade system that intentionally keeps most people from trading in the first place; which allows DE to forever pat themselves on the back with the claims their economy is the fairest out of all f2p games, which is a good lie for people who haven't played many games. I've seen fairer economies from MMORPGs.
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