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  1. It isn't the only game that shows it. It just depends on the game you play. Mobas for example don't as far as I know due to the client and actual game itself being different; but MMORPGs typically show the message every hour even for NA.
  2. Warframe community is the same as any other community. There's the minority of helpful people, there's the general in the middle that vary by day people, then there's the other minority consisting of negative people. The "friendlier than other communities" thing is just an illusion that stems from how low the failure rate is compared to other PvE games, no real end game to strive for, and dead pvp. This results in people seeing little to no raging during missions, since they rarely fail, and mistake a lack of rage for friendliness. Although, I personally find region chat to be a terrible place to try and get help, I disabled it since most of the time it's just people trolling. You could try recruit chat to get a group to help if you need though, and forums aren't as bad due to people who respond will typically be more interested in helping..
  3. Dedicated servers aren't problem free. I've played enough games over more than 10 years to know dedicated servers aren't really much better, especially if you live thousands of miles away from them. All dedicated servers solve is the issue of a Host deciding to quit, but it will not solve any issues related to people in the squad randomly leaving due to connection/routing problems. Host that quit often simply should be penalized into no longer being allowed to host. Since you want to play with a squad, dedicated servers fragment the player base the same way limiting your ping would, because DE would need individual servers for major regions, so whether you limit your ping, or played on a dedicated server, you would be limiting yourself to people playing in your region regardless. If you make dedicated servers an optional setting, you then fragment the player base even further because you now limited the possible people to be matched with to those who are not only within your region, but also choose to play on dedicated servers. Forced dedicated servers then come with major drawbacks for anyone who doesn't play in a region populated enough to justify a dedicated server, so someone from Australia for example would be stuck connecting to Eu, NA or an Asian server, as is the case for most games. Then there's the drawbacks for massive regions like NA, where servers now a days are located on the East Coast, leaving anyone on the West stuck with anywhere from 100 to 150 ping or more. Even if they went with Chicago, a best case scenario would be 80-120 ping. This is before taking into account any routing issues that are not solved with dedicated servers.
  4. Along with what others said before, another team showed that was a lie, given they did the same thing but wasn't punished for it. In China, things are handled differently than in West when it comes to games in every way possible. Blizzard just wasn't expecting such a response from the West. Western companies bending over for China isn't even new, so many movies, music and games are completely altered just for the chance of getting money from China, due to China being the only other country at the moment with a similar global market share to the US, with the possibility of even surpassing the US.
  5. Him instantly killing everything even at higher levels does matter, because it means he gets to run around killing everything in his path. Realistically, a Mesa will never get to use her Peace Maker in any non-open map when a Wukong is present unless the Wukong is afk, or new to the game and doesn't know how to move around. Mesa has to stop moving or slow down in order to use Peace Maker, meanwhile Wukong doesn't have to when using Primal Fury and he'll just get far ahead while Mesa stays behind out of affinity range for even attempting to use Peace Maker to kill the left over enemies. Warframes like Saryn loses value in situations where she can't delete enemies with 4 or start spores. If she can't do that, then outside of ESO/Low level defense she will realistically not get to stack spores when Wukong just slides and kills everything in that one attack. Even if she could spore, not all missions even allow her to do so, due to enemies being too spread apart, or being immune to her abilities to begin with, but guess what? Primal Fury doesn't care about any of that and is only really stopped by things like disruptions (turns off exalted weapons) or the drones (immunity), Primal Fury even quickly kills enemies with high resistance to abilities, something Saryn/Equinox can't do by just pressing 4. Humans have bias and completely lie to themselves about their own experiences to fit their narrative; especially when complaining. You didn't even mention Volt, and early levels and part of ESO he also just presses 4 to clear a room, while being useful for more than just ESO. Or are you one of those who think he's only capable of providing the speed buff?
  6. Other than for missions like Defense or ESO, a Wukong using Primal Fury will kill most things. The staff has absurd reach for a melee weapon, and instantly kills enemies even beyond Sortie levels. He does this all while being able to move quickly, where as Saryn or Mesa have to stop moving/slow down temporarily to use their commonly complained about abilities. I play primarily melee with guns for situations where melee doesn't work, and never had problems with getting kills when Saryn/Mesa/Equinox are present 99% of the time. Not that their presence is even common outside of Defense/ESO anyways...
  7. Lack of perceived punishment. It doesn't matter how engaging a game is, the moment people can profit off the work of someone else without, or very little, risk they'll just do that. Reporting someone that leeched is a multi-step process that takes too much time for most people. There are other games where all it takes less than 10 seconds to report someone, and most people still don't. It's why games are shifting towards automatic moderation with a small team to supervise it and handle reports that can't be handled automatically. Yeah, people don't ever leech there, or lie, or anything of the sort. The only real solution is just playing alone.
  8. What is the point in PvP shoved into PvE? Most people aren't going to be interested PvPing, and anyone that actually wants to PvP will just always win other than when against someone else that cares for PvP. If you leave the PvP aspect optional, then it's dead on arrival... There's a reason why most games with this type of PvP rarely leave it as an option and just force it on everyone. Warframe is a type of game that provides enough freedom when it comes to time dedication that anyone that wants to PvP can find another game to PvP on. It's what I do.
  9. I'm not sure why it's always viewed as an issue when melee weapons 1 shot on Warframe, when abilities that cover 30+ meters, ignoring walls even, do the same, as well as multiple aoe weapons that never run out of ammo. It takes sitting in specific missions for extended periods of time for this not to be the case.
  10. I feel like this is probably the bigger issue. I remember doing the quest a long time ago with Mote Amp too, and remembered just how bad it was last month when my GF got to the quest and also did it with the Mote Amp. There's just too much of a difference between Mote Amp and the first one you can actually make. It's not like getting a first amp is even one of the objectives while clearing the star chart and doing quests either.
  11. Designing content around "feeling" good purely based on number of players on a screen is silly. I've done 8, 10, 16, and 30 player raids across several games. They offered absolutely nothing at all that was any different than the standard 4-5 player challenging dungeons/instances, other than hey look a bunch of people on my screen! As well as the complete inconvenience of needing to fill the group up rather than just finding 3-4 people. Raids are also rarely more challenging than difficult normal dungeons/instance; it's just a false sense of difficulty because you're forced to rely on anywhere from 2x to 8x the amount of players. If you want a bunch of people on your screen, that's what games designed around open worlds are for anyways.
  12. Would have made more sense earning plat to buy catalysts/reactors and using all credits on Nitain if rushing through everything is your goal.
  13. It depends on whether you can save up at least 175-300$. You can buy refurbished OEM Intel systems from a few generations back (or 8th gen i3s) and just buy a used 1050ti-1060 6gb and it would be enough to play Warframe (plus many other games) due to it not being that demanding. Otherwise, just start over on PS4.
  14. Every community is "toxic" if you want to judge them entirely by their given minorities.
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