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  1. Likely because that's what they were told to use, and use it. She also doesn't need to be invisible the entire time either. There's also the parazon mod Untraceable, which provides enough stealth to complete pretty much all vaults regardless of Warframe choice.
  2. Well, there's also the people who make up excuses for why people leech too. "Railjack is too easy, pilot solos it all." Even when that wasn't possible at the start, people still leeched regardless. Afk is often used to mean leeching, and shooting the air pretending to do something, is leeching. People sit on guns and occasionally shoot at nothing to not be seen as afk, but that's still contributing nothing, and they do this even if the pilot isn't mass-deleting things. People don't really "afk" in the game, because well, this generally means no rewards. What people do is contribute 0 a
  3. If they did say it would be tied to Intrinsics, and do this, the AW stats currently tied to them function out of Railjack too. It would likely be the same for the Necramechs, and tying it to Railjack intrinsic is probably to get people to at least try out Railjack enough.
  4. There is a reason to not just spam E, it's called efficiency. The only reason for anything in this game other than what ever is considered "fun". If people want to spam E, let them, how is it any different to spamming LMB on guns without actually aiming? There is no variance at all in how pure gunplay plays, not even if you wanted to. The variance in Warframe mainly comes down to actually using abilities in the mixture, or weapon swapping. Even ranged weapons with alternate firing modes generally don't get used other than the generic use alt fire for an aoe boom. It also makes no sen
  5. Game being easy has nothing to do with Kuva Nukor, on this account I use secondaries so in-frequent that: Then my most used primaries on my accounts are non-aoe. I even cleared some of SP using K-Karak and Supra-V. I don't even use the commonly played Warframes much, given on this account it's mainly Oberon, which does literally nothing in SP since armor is worthless, the hp/s is too low, armor removal on him costs a lot and is insanely long to the point shooting is faster anyways, leaving just radiation and the "oops" every 90 seconds for the randoms. I pug every run, with prett
  6. This seems more like a regional thing, as opposed to a console vs PC thing. On both PC and Xbox buying everything costs ~140 USD on either platform. Different pricing based on region isn't new. A common complaint for cross platform games is the wide variety of pricing based on region depending on the platform you are buying from. For console, the plat is split between the PA and Accessories, both combined is 3,990, which is the same on PC. It's just on PC if you buy the accessories only you get 0 plat, and it costs 10$ less. 49.99usd on PC vs 59.99usd on the Microsoft Store.
  7. I am aware of that, and it doesn't require "high" attackspeed. It is dependent on the weapon/stance. Wukong's staff for example when I would use it before melee rework, all it took was having berserker equipped and a high str Wisp in the group and I would have to mash the attack input to register combos or avoid just picking up the mote. Normal staves are the same, berserker+the arcane alone already starts messing it up. Meanwhile, even with insanely high speed with Nikanas I haven't ever ran into the issue. However, this isn't what DE commented on, and given as I said it doesn't require
  8. Actually, it is possible to not die without dodging. Shield regeneration with a key lets you constantly re-trigger it, and the only way to die is having no energy, or being blasted by toxin [it bypasses shields]. Shield gate trigger spam is what led to Rakta Dark Dagger being nerfed right away, as it originally kept regenerating shields even when you had it drop to 0, which kept retriggering shield gate. You can also gain energy from Rage/Hunter during the shield gate damage immunity, so infinite energy for channeled abilities without losing hp. Abusing key/shield regen mods aren't the on
  9. The issue isn't single target vs aoe, we already have content that favors single target damage. The issue is, a lot of weapons regardless of whether it's hordes or one target wont be used. Their DPS is too low to compete with aoe when dealing with groups, and their single target dps is too low to compete with the burst weapons. Then there's, as usual, other stats being ignored. Kuva Bramma isn't good only because it does enough damage to instantly delete things, and happens to hit multiple targets. Kuva Bramma is an aoe explosive bow with extremely short charge time compared to other char
  10. The issue isn't "power", it's being able to do everything at once. You don't need allies when you can sustain yourself, cc enemies, and deal damage. Even if our damage was dropped drastically, there would still be no real co-op. Cooperation and playing multiplayer aren't really the same thing. This is why DE just keeps releasing DPS Warframes, and even when they lean on the "support" side, they still have to either do damage, or offer a dps boost specifically. Either way, it's pretty clear, as shown by an above response, they don't want to rely on others for anything. This is why Warframe
  11. Warframe is easy, and nothing wrong with acknowledging it. Not all games need to be difficult... and either way, for anyone that's played a variety of games, eventually all games without the use of artificial limitations that guarantee a loss would be easy to complete. It's possible to have some level of challenge without actually being difficult, but that requires DE being able to properly design enemies and attacks that can actually be seen. The closest to that would be the reworked Jackal with the attack patterns, but even then, you are still just walking around only, rather than trying to
  12. While I also don't think DE should be balancing around Steel path, I also disagree buffing guns does anything for the difficulty out of Steel Path. Strong ranged weapons already 1 shot enemies, even in aoe. Their damage going up does absolutely nothing to change difficulty. A handful of burst weapons also already completely invalidate bosses, especially once you take into account Warframe abilities increasing their damage further. It's impossible for DE to ever balance any sort of "boss" with the extremely wide gap between all the guns and loadout combinations. DE already makes some enemies ei
  13. When it comes to attackspeed, it's for "artistic" reasons; they stated with high speed melee is a bunch of noise and you can't see anything, even though using guns is literally nothing but noise to the point people complained about hearing them when someone used loud weapons, or how some guns could blind allies. The cc removal is because they think melee needs "risk", even though this apparent risk doesn't apply to guns that can spam cc, or Warframes. Seemingly, people also ignore travel time between enemies. The main reason why melee has no risk, is because the game itself has no risk, a
  14. Melee performance is also dependent on mission types, for stationary, or camping play, guns are generally better, or even ability spam, within normal level ranges. Even if guns had a combo system, there's already alternate ways to mod melee if you're using melee as a secondary. If you aren't utilizing melee as a primary, you can just mod it for heavy attacks. For melee play, heavy attacks are generally sub optimal but are a functional alternative for gun usage. The alternate would also have to be true then, and there are burst oriented ranged weapons. Some just need better damage to
  15. How is holding your fire input down [or spamming it depending on gun] and clearing content any different to E spam? I don't even know why people are acting like guns are legitimately "unusable" in every aspect of the game. The game likely isn't going to be balanced around max level enemies, even with the buffs. Bosses have immunity/phases because of guns. Melee vs guns has no bearing on the wide gap between even the different guns and mod interactions. DE hasn't balanced any threat around top-end guns or mods. This is why some recent-ish bosses have just been glorified cutscenes where you don'
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