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  1. Viral immunity is more or less irrelevant unless you're playing on SP, or happen to be using a weaker weapon. Although, if the goal is diversity... then viral immunity doesn't accomplish this. This is also before taking into account Viral isn't even that good in all situations, Corrosive/Heat, Magentic, Toxin, or no elements at all, outperform Viral in a fair amount of situations. However, it's just like how before a lot of people only used Corrosive, it makes no real difference in 99% of situations, you just mod for the most durable unit and forget the rest. It's only weaker weapons tha
  2. K-Drives are clearly just meant to be a mode of transportation for "open world" maps, and nothing else. I'm not sure what's wrong with that, especially when it's just a silly gimmick that isn't required for anything, and it's best that it stays that way. Adding in nodes specific to K-Drives for the sake of it doesn't make it any less of a "content island". Archwings also already have had uses outside of "open world maps". They're part of Railjack currently, already had their own nodes, and archwing mods have been tied to open world content, archguns usable on grounds, and then there'
  3. Can't really macro when alt-tabbed without the use of other things, nor do I have any. It's called enemies being cced, and if she's allowed all her damage through terrain, how does a Khora have issues surviving even if shield gate wasn't added? Dome entrance, hide in corner, and there you go, permanent immunity to damage. If anything is a lie in this thread, it's the idea she's hard to play, takes investment, or dies if she's allowed to afk in a corner killing enemies in the opposite room.
  4. Odd, when I used her for 3 hour SP survival for essence [solo] I spent a good chunk of it alt tabbed and didn't invest in her, and never used her before other than to level her. Are you sure you meant Khora?
  5. Whipclaw is pretty much an exalted melee. Some other similar abilities and melee already functioned like this. Mesa's PMs even require los and it does less damage than Whipclaw. There are other abilities that also require los while being a million times worse than Whipclaw. The nerf does little to nothing to her unless you used her to afk in a room immune to damage. The idea she requires intense investment compared to anything else is also absurd. Unless you plan on never using anything but Khora's Whipclaw, all the mods are used elsewhere but her augments, which are cheap, formas p
  6. I personally would prefer seeing his utility go up, rather than his own personal damage being increased. Any damage increase he gets should just be in the form of increasing weapon damage (armor removal and Smite augment). Any actual changes to his abilities, in my opinion, should just be changes to how he offers support. The issue with Oberon at present is he doesn't really do much that other Warframes don't, and he doesn't even do any of the things he does with high efficiency. Without his Smite augment, there would have been less reasons for people to pick him, and well Helminth more o
  7. DE actually said before that if Warframe were on Stadia the servers would be hosted by Google. Although, in that same post, it was said there were no plans for Warframe being on Stadia. Either way, unless you had Stadia servers near your location, the experience isn't really that great. Although, I guess that also depends on how sensitive you are to latency and quality. I participated in the beta before Stadia's release, and even though I lived fairly close to a server I personally found the quality to be too low, especially given I already have a good enough PC anyways, and latency was
  8. They're asking to have the option to mute/disable chat as a whole with an indicator so others know they have chat disabled. This means disabling clan (if in one), the squad chats and direct messages. Some people simply never use chat, and don't even bother trading, so the chat doesn't really offer anything positive and has its negatives, even if not that common.
  9. I guess it depends on what a large amounts of plat would be. I've gifted multiple thousands before, and even traded multiple thousands (at once) for 1 ammo drum and haven't been flagged. One of the people I even gifted and traded to plays on the same network, which people claim is an automatic suspension. Something to consider is while there will be false positives, people also do lie, a lot... Although, there already is a use for plat when you're at the end of the game, other than sharing it, and that's buying stupidly over priced rivens. I just personally share my plat, I already got Ri
  10. Sentients aren't the only exception... Either way, he's not the only Warframe that prevents enemies from entering an area indefinitely. Main differences between him and the other(s) is he relies on weapons for damage, and he offers virtually nothing outside of one specific mission type, and even then, mainly in minority premade groups, where as this doesn't apply to the other(s). Even when Sentients were changed, the nerf didn't even apply to the other(s).
  11. Considering SP is optional, I don't see the point in being so anti-SP. Then again, people always have this mentality of no one else should enjoy their time.
  12. That's because you're damaging yourself. Given shield gate is a thing, there's no reason to die to them unless you play Inaros. The only changes they need is adding a cooldown of at least a few seconds that start when the shield breaks, and add a bit more of an obvious tell that they used the ability. Other than that, it's fine, as they're even easily 1 shottable still. They're also not immune to melee, you just have to use aerial attacks instead of just hitting their body.
  13. Fairly certain nothing about the reactant system can be considered challenging, not even if you want to use the stimulating task line. It's just bad game design for the sake of bad game design. Without a bad case of bad rng, most missions have the same completion time as their non-fissure counterpart. Capture is really the only mission where clear time is impacted by the existence of reactant without garbage rng being involved. However, one might say that capture could just be deleted from the mission pool and reactant can just go bye bye. I personally rarely run into issues wit
  14. Sure, lets lie and say that's all that's ever been said. I oppose dedicated servers because it would mean I would be forced to play Warframe with high ping and packet loss 100% of the time, rather than rarely, or no issues at all when I'm hosting. As someone that lived on the East Coast of NA during the time where nearly every single NA server was located in California, or the region, and then after moving to California when servers moved to Chicago or East Coast, I can assure you one of the worst things is always being stuck playing games with 120-200 ping with constant drops. LoL i
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