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  1. To no surprise, they only balance based on the like 3 weapons people use. One of the arguments for it makes no sense, at least in regards to "noise". Ranged weapons can have insanely high fire rate to the point it's worse than melee in regards to noise and not seeing what's even going on. A couple of ranged weapons even completely destroy framerates, it's just not commonly complained since they have low usage. They also, to no surprise, failed to address aoe vs single target ranged weapons. This is just another set of buffs to already dominant, and usable in SP, weapons.
  2. I was using universal as in applicable to all [loot applies to everyone], and hadn't mentioned range. Railjack's vacuum is rather abysmal given the open area. This form of loot distribution has been requested for ages, as well as the alternate loot distribution method that actually solves the problem entirely. Rather than enemies dropping loot upon death, they would just be rewarded directly to you/the group. Warframes having built in vacuum doesn't make it universal, and wouldn't even really solve the real issue of picking up loot, which is where the complaint originates from.
  3. This is worse than usual band aid solutions, since you have to give up a mod slot, as well as completely give up an ability slot. What next, a "fix" that requires multiple mods, an ability, and weapon slots spent? Universal Vacuum is what Railjack has. I don't care for Universal Vacuum, as I never saw it as beneficial to anyone other than those who afk, since it would mean just like in Railjack, someone would just receive drops for not even doing the bare minimum of moving. Also, immortal pets already exist in the game if you use specific loadouts, even Sentinels can be made impos
  4. The section you quoted answered your own question. It takes time, due to the nature of paying for the work they didn't do. What you quoted never mentions this becoming a guarantee to begin with, they were just "exploring". It's no different to when someone answers with "I'll think about it." Although, a while ago I remember reading they said it was not going to be a thing, so unless they changed their mind, there was never a reason to assume they would do this on their own.
  5. The only shield gating issue is the fact shield gate exists. Shield gates existence is just an issue of the fact scaling enemies breaks the balance of the game even for people not sitting in endless missions for hours. Even pre-shield gate, simply slotting in Vitality was enough to stop most of the ranged 1 shots; I specified range because melee infested units 1 shotting isn't a problem given they have to actually run up to you, and their attack animation is insanely slow to the point you can just walk away and they'll miss. Removing scaling enemies, and giving Warframes higher base
  6. Mobile games generally have a hard requirement for being a part of guilds/clans, it would make sense for games that require them to be better than games where they serve almost exclusively for an extended friend list. This is a thing even for PC games. Most games that have a strict requirement for joining clans/guilds have better interfaces and methods for joining them without relying on chat/3rd party sites. Where as games that have it as an extended friend list scenario, don't. GW2 even takes it a step further and lets you join five guilds, rather than being hard limited to one.
  7. Trusting them with what, exactly? I've pugged 3-4 hour runs on multiple occasions. Sure, some people die, but it poses no real risk to failure anyways. Either way, op's issue is they're basing what content creators say as a representation of what most of the players are doing. Melee kills are tracked on mission stats, more often than not, you'll see that number being nearly zero for most pugs, because most people aren't using melee. Not long ago, people kept whining about how Wukong, Saryn, Mesa, aoe weapons, etc needed to be nerfed instead. If most people were using melee wea
  8. Just like how some games don't ever implement third person, some people should just accept some games don't have first person. Also, if it really was as simple, it would have been done. Devs like effortless implementations for the purpose of scoring points on the "we listen to you" board.
  9. Grinding out pvp items in a non-competitive environment is easier than pve. I've played plenty of non-competitive pvp games that have rewards shared across pvp and pve purely due to how easy pvp is to farm out when it's not competitive or active. If anyone cared for genuine pvp, they wouldn't be playing Warframe, or any other pve game with pvp slapped on it while claiming they're better than everyone. It's equivalent to claiming you're the best in class for one where no one else showed up.
  10. Especially considering Rejuvenation was working on Necramechs when they were released, and briefly even some arcanes. DE actually went out of their way to ensure these didn't work on them for the purpose of "rewarding" alternatives through OV.
  11. The "just solo" argument is just a dismissive response that also serves to remove responsibility from the devs [DE] for their poor job in a lot of areas of the game. It's no different to the "it's free to play" argument, stating no one has the right to complain, even though developers of f2p games are paid for their work regardless. Telling someone to solo really only makes sense in instances where the person is nit-picky about equipment used. Using it as a response to game breaking bugs, people that leech, or anything that doesn't amount to trying to control what others do, should j
  12. This was technically an alt account made a while back, so MR2 most of its existence.
  13. The bugs just occur likely due to DE not testing the game in a multi-player scenario. My partner and I, living in the same house, neither have toasters or use wifi, and we still run into bugs [even out of railjack] when either of us are hosting. Some bugs also have nothing to do with the host's hardware or even connection; such as how during events like SS or the enemy Necramechs clients were able to ignore damage reduction and 1 shot everything regardless, while the host would do 1/10th the damage. Then there was the BR/WW/Glad bug that only worked as the client too.
  14. This is an opinion. Higher fps in games isn't just for competitive sake. For any quick paced game, higher fps makes the game all around feel smoother, and I personally get less headaches. It's one of the reasons I don't own a console. There is no benefit in intentionally cutting your fps by more than half if you have a 144/142 refresh rate monitor unless the higher fps is causing severe thermal throttling due to poor air flow; even then, an undervolt is far more beneficial. This isn't abnormal: [1080ti] Also, do you have Enhanced Beta driver setting enabled, or is it set to C
  15. Worrying about the meta, that people don't even care for outside of content like Eidolons, or whhat gets used often makes no sense Specific weapons and Warframes already are used heavily depending on content. This would change absolutely nothing in regards to that beyond taking Fashion-Frame to the extreme. If you liked a kit, but not the Warframe itself, no problem. The game also already has a bunch of insanely broken combinations with the current Helminth system, but people aren't using them. What's meta hardly ever matters in this game, it's what is the most convenient thing.
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