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  1. If it bothers you enough, next time you can screen shot the situation and report them for it through support: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us Regardless of how strong or weak you are, it wouldn't be a justification for harassment. Especially not in publicly matchmade missions where the only real requirement is trying to complete the objective. If someone wants to nitpick Operator gear/focus, Warframe choice, damage output, etc, they can either play solo or a premade group.
  2. This still isn't enough to cover an entire area, or even close to it. You don't have to play the game near them. You personally not having the buff here wouldn't make a difference if the Wisp, and other allies, are going to be ccing enemies anyways. This still wouldn't be any different to Slow Nova, Chaos Nyx, etc slowing down every other camping play style, which the game shouldn't even be designed around, and DE clearly doesn't actually support. There is a way to deal with them, it's called premade groups with a zero cc policy. Every Warframe would need their abilities nerfed by requiring sight to cc enemies purely for the purpose of satisfying you. Your solution isn't really a solution. If you're frequently picking up the motes, somehow, then your gameplay will be disrupted by having to frequently go through the action of removing them. People still complain Volt's speed buff is disruptive, despite it being removable due to how frequently it gets applied. That's your own personal preference, and there's zero reason for DE to design the game around the personal preferences of individuals. You rely on HA, the Warframe itself doesn't. I have several configurations for Oberon, zero use HA, even when Blind Rage is equipped. Even regarding Oberon, Nekros is far more of a hinderance to him than Wisp could ever be in regards to energy management. However, even then, there's ways to deal with that, rather than complain about it like people have in the past.
  3. This applies to any Warframe with cc. At least with Wisp, you can just ask them to not put them in door ways, the motes appear on your map/radar, so even if you're unable to see them due to visual clutter, you can still completely avoid them. Unlike other Warframes with frequent cc, where the only option is leaving, or asking they not play the game at all. Then there's the obvious don't play with randoms if what they play bothers you enough to complain about it. Oberon, or any Warframe, doesn't need Hunter Adrenaline either.
  4. He seems extremely mediocre, because he is. His entire kit, minus augments, can be done by other Warframes with just a fraction of their kits/helminth. If all you do is standard star chart/arb, then his durability is fine; even then, all Warframes have fine survivability without shield-gate abuse there. If all that matters is living and armor stripping, there's significantly better options than Oberon, and they have better cc. In the end, it's not as if it matters. Weapon choice matters more anytime you aren't using a dps Warframe, allowing every Warframe to technically be able to do anything, even if that anything is literally nothing.
  5. PSF isn't needed to block self-staggers. All PSF does is allow you to do so with a single mod on any Warframe.
  6. If DE were to do this, they may as well just have it be part of the game itself. Trading is designed to feel bad, and is working as intended.
  7. This assumes people are actually interested in experimentation, which most people aren't. Otherwise, they wouldn't be copy/pasting the same builds from other people. Then there's the whole "new" people don't have enough weapons or mods unlocked to even pretend they can experiment. This change is far more beneficial to someone not new, to no surprise. Regardless, forma is meant to be Warframe's equivalent to leveling in the game. Lowering mod costs lets you equip more of them that cost higher capacities. Leveling the mods themselves and equipping is the substitute to how you level up your characters and enhancing weapons. Using forma isn't even a requirement early/mid game, which is yet another reason why this change to "benefit new people" makes no sense.
  8. The game already has other Warframes that can contribute to constant energy without even requiring an actual target. The only thing she does over the other options is both easy refill of health and shields, but in this day, providing shields is enough and some do that and more.
  9. If people want to "explore" the maps, they can without forcing everyone else to. Warframe isn't even an exploration based game. I don't understand why people play X game only to complain it's not Z, when they can just play Z. The game also already has multiple escort missions, and surprise, they aren't well liked. Defection/Hijack.
  10. Your own response to other feedback is appropriate to the "need" to make 1x forma per day:
  11. Completely skipping content, especially since this means guaranteed level 1 that dies the moment you show up without even thinking of your loadout, and an alternative to completing said content aren't the same things.
  12. Leveling in Hydron is a choice people make. Hydron isn't even time efficient, people go there mainly because they can level stuff while afk or because they're inexperienced with the game and for some reason people keep telling others to level in Hydron.... The low effort aspect is no different to how people show up to an ESO and stand there doing nothing for 1-2 zones to lazily max weapons. There's always the option to level gear by just playing the game, rather than going out of your way of doing so. Then for Warframes at least they aren't going to be starting with 0 abilities. DE just needs to get rid of silly Warframe level restrictions from content that has it [Sorties/Arb].
  13. DE likes multi-layered rng, and people here attribute any problems to player incompetence, rather than dev incompetence. Almost every single fissure run, I get 10 reactant right away. This means if the reactant system is meant to slow people down, it's failing. All it does is make those cases where reaching 10 isn't possible a complete waste of time for no reason other than because DE didn't want to put effort into making the missions actually different from the rest of the game.
  14. If some arbitrary [opinionated] theme being similar to Halloween really matters, then controlling people to have them watch their friends and family brutally murdered before they meet the same fate is Halloween themed. Current day Halloween and "necromancy" have nothing to do with each other anyways.
  15. How good or bad a skin is perceived to be has nothing to do with how a Warframe performs. With what they showed, I don't like the Hildryn skin, but at the same time, I don't like the Valkyr skin either. I find a combination of two Tennogen skins to be better, in my opinion. However, it's undeniable that Hildryn is a vastly superior melee Warframe than Valkyr, despite not being a melee focused Warframe and even has a ranged exalted weapon... and supporting melee weapons is all Valkyr is really meant to be doing. Hildryn has multiple functions in addition to that, even to the point of supporting Necramechs anytime DE forces us into using them. The only real bad part of Hildryn is the weapon restriction on her fourth ability and I suppose making her armor strip better. For most of the game, and even most enemies in SP, she just casts her second ability and they die. Helminth even gave her the ability to support allies in another way, at least until DE ruins the fun in the future [if they do]. I prefer Valkyr's aesthetic over Hildryn's, but I play Hildryn more often.
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