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  1. It would make more sense to adjust energy costs and have Warframes start with 100% energy while reworking/removing energy leeching effects. Strictly for early to mid game, lower costs and starting at 100% already greatly improves ability usage without adding a needless layer for people to keep track of. DE could even slightly buff the Flawed Streamline for further energy cost reduction and increasing the energy provided by Flawed Flow for higher energy capacity. There's also Energy Siphon that could be increased from 0.6/s to 1.0/s and being rewarded early on as the first aura mod which would help, especially if they're just playing on public where it would stack. I already know Preparation exists for 100% energy upon spawning, but it's a mod tied to arbitration which is no longer early game. It was a poor band-aid solution, and the mod shouldn't even exist. DE likes comparing Warframe to RPGs when it's convenient to do so and then say not to compare when it's not, recently Helminth levels as an example, but the overwhelming majority of them you start at 100% MP/Energy equivalent. Even other grind shooter/hack and slashes typically start you at max resources, just as how we start with max HP/Shield/Ammo values.
  2. Yes, the same governments demanding every single website in existence to permanently suspend people for literally no reason and without even considering an appeal. The same governments that on multiple occasions wanted to ban a variety of games, which would include Warframe, because it makes kids turn into violent adults. The same governments that want to impose limitations on playtimes because anyone who plays more than one hour per day is suffering from "gaming addiction", because working 50 hours a week somehow doesn't equal to "work addiction" but playing a game for a few hours is. Governments are already heavily involved in online activity, but they don't care about suspensions or being denied service. In some countries you can't even legally make a new account when you're denied said service because some form of real identification is required for an account, I'm not interested in every site I use being given access to my SS number. Regardless, these jobs will just be filled by better automation in the future. Demanding the government take place of technology is more harmful than good. Especially when humans are prone to errors. One game a few years ago lost a portion of it's player base to multiple ban waves, and multiple support members investigated and stated the suspensions were valid and it took multiple years for them to realize something was wrong.
  3. I've already played Warframe using my phone, so it wouldn't be new to me. It's really only useful to me when I'm not home for extended periods and my phone is my only non-desktop device. Realistically, having Warframe on mobile devices is more so for other regions where mobile games are far more popular than PC/Console compared to Western countries.
  4. If you're referring to the knockdown, this 'issue' has nothing to do with the melee changes and the mod is working normally, the text of the mod is simply incorrect. The mod triggers blast procs, it applies 6 stacks and you'll sometimes see 0 blast damage show up. For what ever reason DE decided to say "knockdown" instead. At the time, blast did trigger knockdowns, however, DE changed blast at some point due to people complaining about it being a negative for "guns", similar reason for slight impact changes. Otherwise, discussing the community as if there's only one perspective is meaningless. DE does listen to people, they just aren't people that share your view points. Even you mentioning the Ghoulsaw issue is an example of this. Some people did complain the stance had poor multipliers, there's even a thread about it in the feedback section and how even garbage swords outperform it. I'm not even sure why you're acting like this wasn't always the case, if you felt like DE was "listening to the community" in the past, it's only because DE took feedback from people you happen to agree with at the time, or DE was coincidentally designing the game in a way you wanted at the time. I've played since the Steam release, and never felt like DE behaved any different compared to other developers that communicated as much as they were.
  5. Asking if English is a language you're familiar with on its own isn't offensive, unless you're really insecure about the fact you aren't familiar with it. They didn't question your intelligence, or anything of the sort, entirely based on your ability to communicate in English. If someone has little to no experience in listening/reading English spoken/written improperly it is difficult to understand what they're trying to say. Assuming what someone is trying to say could just lead to misunderstandings. Especially for a language like English where words, especially in todays world... have a bunch of meanings. I'm an American who learned English as a 5th language, and had a lot of communication issues due to frequent mispronunciations and really bad grammar due to English structure being very different to other languages. I tried understanding what you're trying to say, but a couple sentences honestly make no sense to me. Your feedback has multiple very different types of complaints, and people are likely only going to focus on the one your title is highlighting. The issue of boosters not feeling worth it isn't inherently tied to low rewards, and neither of those are directly related to the problem the overwhelming majority of items in the game sell for little to not plat, if at all. To start with, things in the game generally have specific places you go to grind them. Credits for example, yes their general reward rate is abysmal, but when you need credits you go to specific missions that drop them in higher numbers. It isn't any different to how specific mods/warframes/weapons drop in specific missions. As for trading items for plat, it just comes down to DE never actually designed Warframe based on trading really being a thing. Games that are designed without trading and just slap it on as an after thought all suffer from the issue of trading generally not being worth it unless you get very specific items. It's also no coincidence most of these games all make trading as inconvenient as possible and lock specific rewards behind content most people won't like in order to keep their value higher. Some items though have little to no trade value due to instances like Nightwave pushing people to do things they normally wouldn't. The Drift mods from Lua at one point a few would sell for 30+ plat even though they were easy to get. Then comes Nightwave and the challenges to do 4 to the Lua Halls and the prices of those mods dropped due to a significant increase in supply. Any alerts that reward an item causes this issue to, Veiled Rivens are lower in price than in previous years due to the last couple years DE has been giving them out for free. Also, "feedback" can be more than expressing you don't like something. You didn't really offer any alternatives to how you would like the problem be solved. If DE were to actually listen, it's possible they could make changes that only annoy you further, rather than improving.
  6. DE plainly stated SP was to "use the best gear you have". Not for it to be, you load in and guaranteed success the same way star chart is. Missions like MD are also the only time any defensive Warframes even serve any purpose at all. DE had even added more options to what can defend them by allowing more healing, a combination of that and not letting enemies freely do damage makes MD pretty difficult to fail without bugs. The only time I've actually failed MD on SP was in the one corpus tile where you defend one outside, a ship flew by and instantly deleted it. Other than that, I hadn't experienced issues and I don't even use defense or dps Warframes; or even aoe guns.
  7. Your issue can be solved by raising it to 12, or lowering it to 9. Which would be missing the point of the thread... in that the op wants to lower the number to 5, which is still an odd number for 3, or 6 for the purpose of doing less runs. Syndicate weekly wouldn't be the only weekly that takes up 9 missions either. Sorties are a series of 3 missions, and a weekly 'challenge' is completing 3 sets of those.
  8. "Can" and "Should" aren't the same. You can waste everyone's time, but you shouldn't. Contrary to what you might think, if enough people made an issue over the fact you're actually doing what you're doing purely out of your own enjoyment, you wouldn't be around for long. People have been permanently suspended from Warframe for less. It's also silly to compare your intentional decision to make every group you run into wait for you to someone that lacks experience with any given content. The other person is actually trying their best to waste as little time as possible, with some even have anxiety over the fact they're likely not contributing; where as you're just using randoms to save your own time, while intentionally wasting theirs. You plainly state you value your time, but are upset about the fact other people value their time. Not really surprised the thread was more or less a troll to begin with. Almost every single time a thread is shaped in a "I care about new people" narrative, it's just someone trolling. Have fun, and you should work on being better at trolling.
  9. The 60 second timer doesn't warrant, defend, or excuse the deliberate wasting of everyone's time in any way, shape or form. Intentionally wasting the time of random people is just as disrespectful as "harassment". You, or anyone, isn't going to die by extracting when the agreed upon goal has been met, either.
  10. The goal in public matchmade bounties [missions in general] is to have 4 people that consented to doing said bounties [or mission objective]. No where are people agreeing to standing around while someone does something other than the established goal. This isn't any different to going to a fissure, and then wasting everyone's time opening every crate on the map, and getting upset when someone complaints you're wasting their time. If someone wants to do something other than the agreed upon mission goal, then it's actually them that needs to be "the better Tenno" and find people that want to do the same, or do so on their own.
  11. That doesn't change the fact that you don't have [not required] to do it. Most of the player base doesn't chase after Mastery Rank, which is why any MR restrictions are at the low end and cap at the mid range. The introduction of forma sinks tied to forma had been spread out enough that anyone playing the game would amass an excess in forma anyways. If chasing MR mattered, I would have to say the weapons designed poorly [intentionally], and then locked behind a grind that is far worse than 5 formas, would be a bigger problem. This extends even to edge cases like standard Equinox, where the time it takes to get her is going to surpass the time it takes to get 5x forma, and the plat cost is higher than 5x forma.
  12. The game already allows you to get a premade group to control what people are using. It being an "inconvenience" is a consequence of your desire to control what random people are doing. This is an "inconvenience" that you are deliberately choosing. With a lack of desire to control what you can't really control, the "inconvenience" goes away. This means you can either continue to be bothered by others for no legitimate reason, play alone, or go with a controlled group. As for "trolls", being bad at the game isn't synonymous with trolling. I pug every single run, even those I shouldn't [radiation], and the only bad behavior I come across is people leeching. The amount of legitimate trolling is nearly non-existent, someone raging in chat has been a more common occurrence, and even that is rare. When it comes to Limbo, at some point people need to realize that even if the Limbo is bad, if you're being impeded by a Limbo to such a degree, then you're no better than they are. The mentality of "no one offers me anything useful" is also a case of where you should honestly just be soloing to begin with.
  13. Most others give up a mod slot for it and have a restriction that he doesn't, and Nekros already has an ability dedicated to utility with an augment that further adds to it.
  14. It's not really practical and requires a build centered around strength... a little over 330% to reach 100%. Using Helminth for Shuriken costs less energy and wastes less time due to instant cast, and you can be shooting while doing so. HG/Reckoning spends a lot of energy, and during the cast you can't shoot. The combination really only works well in instances where you need to remove armor from one enemy, and even then.... DE has been making more recent singular enemies immune to armor removal. There's also Nyx for easy 100% armor removal, and has the benefit of removing shields too. Removing armor is more important anytime you aren't using "meta" [popular] setup, or something that's actually meta and does obscene amounts of damage.
  15. OP is probably assuming OV and SS are the same.... even though they aren't the same. Their only similarities is the Sentient theme, but that's all they had in common. OV was an event that required Necramechs for the purpose of driving people into buying them as they were added to the market. Previously there was no reason to even bother getting one yourself other than for completion sake. The event structure was also different from both Ground/Condrix and Space/Murex variants of SS. I liked SS, but disliked OV.
  16. If games actually followed lore for game design, they would be worse off. Gameplay generally takes precedence over lore for a reason. If a time limit was necessary, you can have one without tying it to day/night cycle. Selecting the bounty puts you in a night instance of PoE that then has a timer until it shifts to day.
  17. There are different "gauntlets" that were used for mainly offensive, or both offensive and defensive purposes... This is also a game with no realism and even a standard armor gauntlet can be used as a weapon to high effectiveness... it just wasn't practical to use standard armor gauntlets as a weapon in the real world due to range as one reason. It isn't any different to shields being mainly used for defense, but being able to be used as a weapon itself. We also have gauntlets used in the game for offensive purposes... Venka is a type of gauntlet, and Atlas aesthetically has armor gauntlets that are used to punch things. Not that I agree with op, it would make more sense to just have a new melee weapon type to fill another type of gauntlet position or dual shields.
  18. The "high level" argument never really makes much sense. Buffing weapons to the point they clear "high level" the same way they do "low level' just makes "high level" also "low level"; just with more enemies [SP] and higher damage being dealt, either of which just restricts Warframe choice which is seemingly ignored. If enemies deal a lot of damage, any Warframe that has a function tied to protecting HP become completely irrelevant. Other functions being useless with a combination of higher damage and hp, such as how Mesa goes from obliterating things to then just using Helminth to replace her Peace Makers and converting to a generic weapon platform shield gate abuser. If anything, this is more of an argument towards SP just being a mistake/failure. Other than Kuva, it's not as if it's rewarding in the first place and it's still dethatched from most of the game's actual grinds. "High level" is also subjective. Some view SP as high, others think only max level enemies are high. Balancing weapons around DE's actual high level, which is standard star chart around the 50-100s, SP levels, and endless levels is not realistic and these very different view points and DE trying to appease them all is partly why things are a mess.
  19. I never mentioned Limbo, you could cc Sentients without him and I semi-afked Murex without him, and his nerf wasn't even that effective and only mattered to people who were actually afking the mission, which isn't how most people were playing. This doesn't change primary focus of your Sentient kill speed had zero impact on Murex reward per x minute. I never said Condrix missions had no kill requirement. My first sentence specifically mentioned ground [Condrix] missions and the complaints over the mission taking too long, due to people killing them too slow. They had been ridiculously easy to kill. Their kill speed, like everything else, depended on your loadout. There is a severe imbalance in damage between everyone's loadout configurations. Helminth only increased that gap even further, as well as any other additional grind layers introduced. This is before even considering that again, cc invalidated them in the first place. There has only been a handful of ways DE handles loadout imbalance, such as: -Silly DR that still gets bypassed; see Sisters for recent example or immunity phases. -Nerfing enemy durability, Sentients aren't the only time. SP was pre-nerfed, armor changes at lower levels and RJ enemies nerfed as well as increasing loadout damage. -Designing content where our Warframes/Weapons contribute to nothing or operate on a timer. Your complaint should focus more on the imbalance of an individual's loadout rather than Sentient durability. DE not addressing the core issue is what led to multiple direct nerfs to enemies as well as indirect nerfs in the form of DE increasing our DPS.
  20. The issue is balancing enemies between different loadouts. During SS there were complaints over the time it took to finish ground missions, and the time it took to finish them were tied mostly to how quickly Sentients went down. For Murex missions, killing Sentients didn't matter when you could indefinitely cc them and there were 0 kill conditions. OV is a joke when the ranged Necramech had obscene aoe damage that effectively meant Sentients were made of paper, and there was less impact on loadout options when there's only two to choose from, and despite the melee variant doing basically 0 damage, it still killed Sentients in a couple swings anyways unlike normal melee weapons. Saying Sentients shouldn't be nerfed because hitting them once or twice and them dying is bad makes no sense. During SS I was killing them within two hits regardless, this nerf to Sentients changes nothing for me other than let people using worse weapons not take as long, which doesn't matter to me, not even slightly. I prefer this over the alternative with DE's DR nonsense that still get bypassed by specific Warframes anyways.
  21. SP and Storms aren't comparable. Shorter missions are completed just as quickly in SP to their standard counterpart with an optimal loadout. The point in SP Fissures would mainly be for quicker endless/non-really short missions to get Acolyte drops while opening relics, which go on at the same speed as standard star chart. The issue people had with storms was due to them being ground based missions with Railjack objectives before it. The time it takes to do both you could have just gone through two standard relics, especially considering restarting/loading Railjack missions take noticeably more time. This isn't a drawback SP has. Although, this isn't even an issue to just Railjack. Restarting Capture is quicker than doing Survival, and Survival isn't given any meaningful additional reward.
  22. Imaging going on about how everyone else is terrible, all while having a terrible mentality. It reminds of me back when Riot had that "doctor" and he would respond with logs of people claiming everyone around them were horrible people, when it was actually them. Op, and others, are even assuming anyone who plays the game poorly is doing it out of malice instead of you know... them being a low skilled player. Especially given they're referring to Hydron, a node that attracts a lot of people who don't even know what they're even doing, and isn't even an efficient place to level. Some people just prioritize the "defending" part of "Defense" rather than just treating it like an Exterminate confined to one large room. I've had a bunch of cases of two Novas in one group [Steel Path or Sortie Defense], a Slow and a Speed one. The Slow Nova wasn't "trolling" and legitimately thinks cc is necessary to not fail. Most people who use CC in defense typically stop when asked politely. Radiation Sortie/Liches/Sisters has the problem of there being no clear indication an ally, or the player, is affected by Radiation. You can check your debuffs [which most don't] but this doesn't solve the issue of not seeing allies. Some people aren't even aware of it in the first place, I've had people die to me by running in front of me while they had the proc and were confused why they were instantly killed out of no where. A lot of people simply lack situation awareness in the first place, and isn't "trolling". This is an issue for any game or situation where being aware of the surrounding matters. Labeling low skilled or clueless players as trolls is why the term has no meaning today. The term just means the other person disagreed or did something you didn't like. In the end, the only appropriate action for anyone that places importance in how people should be playing belong in solo or like minded people [premades]. If you can't, or don't want to, carry any potentially low skilled randoms, then you don't have to.
  23. The event isn't popular, the forma is. DE could slap built forma on anything, and that makes it "popular". Or, remove forma, and watch how the majority of people who grind the event completely stop doing so. DE even acknowledged that it's forma people only care about. What ever content ends up "popular" is heavily dictated by rewards and accessibility. 3/4 of the event consist of basically standing around doing nothing until the last part.
  24. That's an extremely low bar, given any Warframe can clear all content as long as they aren't given a troll passive that drops weapon damage to 0 or anything to make them unusable. A Warframe being able to clear content isn't an accomplishment or praise worthy. DE may as well just release Warframes that are purely cosmetic if they aren't going to try.
  25. I don't die to any of the acolytes, but I'm unsure how anything any of them do are "telegraphed" well. They're no different to the overwhelming majority of enemies that aren't strictly doing a melee slap, in that they just instantly do what ever action. This wasn't any different to the issues others had with Necramech enemies and the no real warning of them reflecting damage, yes it was obvious it was happening when it was, but that's not what a "telegraphed" attack means. This is why most of the game just consists of preventing enemies from doing anything or killing them before it matters.
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