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Cetus Modular Syndana, Auxilary Vendor Concept


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I have noticed three NPCs in cetus who have no purpose but have lots of potential as vendors. So I made some concepts on what one of them would sell and what they would take for it.

[The Clothe Seller]

-The clothe seller will be selling modular auxilaries and syandanas that can be equipped to your warframe.

[How would it work]
-Simmilar to how the other modular stuff work you would need parts. In this case 3 parts.

  • Clothe
    • The deciding factor of which type of syndana, or auxilary you'll make.
  • Pattern imprints
    • What type of design patterns will be put onto it
  • Sigil 
    • You'll be able to plaster your own sigil onto the auxilary and syndana while also being able to pick how large or long it'll be on them.



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19 hours ago, Vashtorr_the_Arkifane said:

A very cool idea that reminds me of (not sure if it's still a thing) Clan Capes in Runescape back when I used to play it. 

I do like the idea of universal auxiliaries that aren't seasonal novelties like this, great thinking!

Man, I'd be down for clan-exclusive cosmetics tbh, that way clans feel like they're worth it
And this is coming from a clan leader might I just add!

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