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QoL on Crafting Interface


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Any chance of seeing some quality of life improvements made to the crafting interface? Discussion is welcome even if just to tell me "not needed".


Ideas for quality of life?

1. Updated window, or windows, showing just a little bit more info, such as stats on craftables (IE weapons, gear)

2. Quick links to the codex when you are short on a particular material right from the crafting window with info on where to find them

3. Tab to show potential blueprints you have not yet obtained with codex entries on where to find them


Proposal for new Foundry window:

Separate screen into two combined/separate windows. Left side window having all the blueprints such as the way it is now, right side would provide additional info on any selected craft with ability to highlight individual crafting component. This would go with the above requested quality of life improvements above with quick links to the codex for them.


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On my old computer the Foundry is laggy as is. If you have the option to keep things as is it would be fine. I have played the game for a while though, so I have no need for any information on resources or where to find blueprints. But new players would most likely benefit from that.

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