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Wrangling Your Grineer Actors: How to Use Enemies in Captura


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Do your Capturas feel empty? Have you ever felt they need just a bit more life in them, in a literal sense? Want to imagine a world where Crewmen take their pet Infested Crawlers out for strolls? If so, you may have pottered around with enemy spawns in Captura and, like me, came to the same train of thought; "Wow, these guys are a pain to work with!"

Yes, enemies in Captura are a finicky bunch. Sometimes they spawn on top of each other, sometimes they scatter. Trying to lead them anywhere feels like wrangling excitable puppies. Try to get a satisfying death blow for your original Ash Prime fashion showcase and it's a dice-roll if they even drop dead right! So what to do about these agents of chaos?

Tarry not, Hound is here to inform you wonderful psychos about niche Warframe subjects that catch my eye. Hope at least 2 of you out there finds this advice useful!


There are two things you need to know if you want to 'direct' your supporting cast:

Alert Level - enemies are either neutral, alert or actively fighting at any given point in ascending order of intensity. Looking for cool and casual? Keep them neutral. Shooting for slick espionage? Wake them up and have them prowl. Active firefight? Give them something to shoot at!

Target Priority - this directs enemy aggression. For example, Decoy has a higher priority than your frame to draw fire away from you. When alert, enemies are usually drawn to where they last saw a threat. The latter is important for directing where they should be facing in a given scene, though good luck directing neutral enemies attention.

With this in mind, here's what to do when snapping those Grineer beach holiday photos;


First, remember to pause the AI before they spawn in. This keeps them from scattering any further and keeps them in a neutral state for you to change at your leisure.

Now, let's solve all of our issues with AI subjects in one fell swoop; Loki. His toolkit is highly convenient for manipulating enemy AI for our purposes, with all 4 of his abilities providing some utility for your shots.

Decoy directs enemy aggro to whatever point you desire from a distance. Combined with Invisibility and its flimsy health bar, you can direct enemy aggression and attention wherever provided ol' Decoy is in proximity. Once you have your desired point of interest, you can pause the AI to preserve their current state while you wait for him to time out.

Invisibility is also handy for drawing attention to a specific point, but for alert enemies - ones not actively in combat, but searching the area where they last saw/heard you. Set a point of interest by shooting any gun within earshot and they'll all turn their heads towards your suspected location. Just remember to remove any silencers on your weapons. And the augment.

Switch Teleport is a blessing for shuffling enemies to where you want them to be, especially if they spawn scattered around. Other methods like Pull or Larva tend to fling them around or clump them together when you may not want either. Teleporting them is harmless and gives you a great amount of control over where you want them to be (where you were standing beforehand). A word of warning; it has a tendency to switch you with empty air in Captura, so bring a scoped weapon or teleport enemies step-by-step if you want them to move far from where they started.

Radial Disarm won't be as frequently used, but it can help set up a brawl or religious Prova commune if you so desire. You can even pick and choose which of your 3 enemies should be melee only by spawning 1 or 2 in first, disarming them and then spawning the rest.

An additional means of AI manipulation comes from abilities that reset the enemies alert level such as Baruuks Lull. Just remember to stay out of aggro range when they come to.


And now, the fun part; corpses! That's right, your extras can still earn their paycheck from beyond the grave if you've a need for a more grizzly scene. Getting 3-9 at a time is simple enough, though they have a tendency to fade out after a short while. The best way to combat this is to slow time in your advanced options before you begin your pile up. This gives you just a bit of extra time to, ahem, 'redecorate' your scene. Just remember you may not have time to reposition anyone beyond your initial 3, but in this case the chaotic spread could be seen as a benefit!


That's just about the bottom of my bag of tricks for now! Now go shoot that Grineer Heavy Gunner beach episode you always had nightmares about. Figuratively and literally of course. ❤️

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"Never work with children or animals", but I guess this also applies to Grineer and Infested. Corpus actors are the most reliable by far, but they usually ask for their paycheck in advance, and demand a lot for the more lewd scenes. hopefully this year I'll finally win a Tenny award for "best action epic"! if nothing else, I can always add more explosions, jump-cuts and camera shake, that's what people want, right?"

- legendary Capturawood film director and former Grineer Propagandist Steeveen Speelbagg.

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