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Exalted Weapon Improvements


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Exalted weapons in their current form are generally worse than pretty much any other weapon you'll bring with you in a mission. I think the simplest and most obvious solution is to allow them to use weapon arcanes. Tweak the damage numbers of all exalted weapons. Also give the melee exalted weapons new stances that flow better with higher multipliers and forced procs. Casting an ability with constant energy drain just to do mediocre damage is not good. I really only use exalted weapons for the novelty and uniqueness of them, not because they do good damage... because most really don't without an augment or absurd, mechanic-abusing build.

I just want every exalted weapon to scale or be viable beyond base Steel Path, and weapon arcanes is the most obvious way to go here. You could even give us specific exalted arcanes to farm instead of just using the primary/secondary arcanes. That would be a neat idea and would allow for the exalted weapons to not only be more powerful, but also add to their unique nature.

Anyway, Exalted Weapons need some kind of improvements, and I am curious to hear what everyone else says. 

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