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Subsumed terrify not working in sedna kappa disruption demolishers


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I want to report a bug about the terrfy skill not working properly in sedna kappa distrupton demolishers.

I subsumed this ability into my nezha build and ran the arbitrataion disruption today. The results and build setting will be in attachment. 

terrify did not strip demolisher armor at all. It is not nullified but straight up not work. After the mission is finished, i went into the steelpath kappa solo

to test and resualt is the same. I used the skill multiple times on multiple demolishers, and it works on normal units but not on the demolisher. I suspect this to be a bug

so I reported here. 




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It does seem like there's some sort of a bug, just because Terrify's strip does work on Demolishers in the Sim.  Temporarily.  It gets cleared by their pulse, and seems to have a shortened duration even besides that.

Maybe -that's- the bug, and not working on Demolishers at all is the intent, I don't know.   It's not consistent with the vast majority of armor strips now though.

12 minutes ago, Zakkhar said:

There are meant to be immune to connfusion/chaos/fear. It also affects the armor strip of such abilities.

Maybe, but that's not as simple an explanation as it seems.   Because the strip does work through Overguard and on some other CC immune enemies that aren't affected by Terrify's fear.

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