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  1. Yes you could put another elemental mod instead if you will have max power str vex armor up. It is kinda obvious. I just posted a build for all frames.
  2. The real question is why would you use Mk-1 weapon as anything beside MR fodder.
  3. You do not need the life steal. Hirudo already heals you on crit for 5% damage done and grants a stacking 5% max hp buff (up to 25%). Nothing fancy: just blood rush, crit dmg (organ,gladiator), berserker, reach (primed), pressure point (primed) and 2 optional slots - i am using heat and drifting contact. You could use corrosive or something. CO wouldnt work due to low status and meh IPS (low slash, mid impact mostly puncture.)
  4. That seems to be the problem. They nerfed, maiming strike from 90 flat to 150 multi, but they did not change roll range on rivens for slide %crit. They still have the same amount of slide crit as before melee 3.0.
  5. It doesnt matter. It is just a visual bug.
  6. Untrue. The shield also provides 50% bonus electricity damage and the damage stack for multiple shields. The crit damage doesnt. Wiki quote: Firing through multiple Shields will cause the Electricity damage bonus to stack additively (e.g., firing through 3 shields will grant a 150% Electricity damage bonus). The critical damage bonus on the other hand does not stack with additional shields.
  7. First of all, melee weapons are not terrible. Second, you do not need a good melee weapon as Atlas/Gara/Khora. You need a stat stick. And mod it like stat stick. This means you will most likely be using crap weapon with high riven dispo & augument available. As someone above said Jaw sword wins, even though it is one of the worst melee weapons available.
  8. Na stronie Semlara można ocenić czy roll jest dobry (popularne staty na trade wg cen) oraz czy broń/riven jest popularna: https://semlar.com/comp Jest jeszcze inny market: rhttps://rivenmarket.com/ z dużo lepszą funkcjonalnością niż ten zapomniany stary i gówniany riven.market Mogę ci powiedzieć od razu, że Flux rifle to słaba broń (są lepsze beamy) i riven może kupić tylko hobbysta/zapaleniec/zbieracz. Tutaj masz subiektywny ranking broni: https://www.cephalonwannab.com/
  9. The players attempting the trade need to have Two Factor Authentication enabled to show on the list. Are you 100% certain they do? Also loading into dojo may take a while for some clients/ISP.
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