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  1. Besides sending and receiving not working, another one. 1. Killcodes are sent as first come first serve. Meaning if there is another squad entering space, they will never get their turn, because the grounds squads will only sent the kill codes to the first space squads that went in. I waited for 18 minutes in space on 0%, while seeing whole bunch of people sending and receiving kill codes. 2. Today i got another thing. I got the kill code sent to me (chat annoucement, animation, thanks and all) and it was still 0%. 3. Joining any flotilla makes you unable to invite or join other squads (different instance bug), until relog.
  2. The event point calculation is plain unfair and already broke itself. There is no incentive to run ground missions. The ground missions are: longer harder (need to bring actual damage and kill things and things actuaally shot back) scale higher (110 max level of enemies you do not need to kill vs 188 max level of enemies that need to be killed to progress, including a bullet sponge "boss") yet somehow awards less score It broke itself already because nobody runs them (or nobody runs them efficiently - only leechers doing 1% damage), so the space missions do not get kill codes. I just finished a run lasting 53 minutes while carrying two such individuals and i got whooping 1000 points. In comparison same time i did 3 missions in space and without any problems/dying/risk got 5000ish.
  3. Same here. It may be tied to using arsenal on Scarlett spear.
  4. You are MR27 and using bug forum like this? Fraps it next time it pops up (default windows media records last 30 seconds of gameplay). alt+g is the default keybind i think.
  5. Can you write this again, in proper english instead of google translate this time? Also punctuation exists.
  6. I do not think so. I am using the explosion on contact augument from NW (napalm grenades, i think) and the same thing occurs.
  7. Check the death log at what is killing it in the file EE.log Or you can use this parser: https://semlar.com/deathlog PS: The pictures are not possible to view.
  8. Staying on crewship during reactor explosion in operator form doesnt change you back to frame form and makes you stuck in space in operator form without the ability to: -bring gear menu (to recall) -open in game menu (esc) -bring up chat/unstuck (T and /unstuck) -interact with anything (X) cannot come back to RJ or enter any base. You can however slowly float around with Space/Ctrl and direction keys. After the mission you cannot see yourself on reward screen nor exit it (stuck). Exit button uninteractive.
  9. Probably Darvo Deal due to day reset. Or Ghouls. Or Nightwave lady. As the predecesor said - it is not the place for such questions.
  10. Archwing is not railjack. Uranus underwater equires archwing. Whatever occured was probably a visual bug - i do not think you can queque Uranus mission with a person that doesnt own Archwing.
  11. Guys, it is not possible to have the LAST MISSION. Just take some time in game and the Kuva Lich will infest other places.
  12. If you have problems with Archun aiming just mow them down with Archmelee.
  13. It's been up for ages (18 months at least).
  14. Whips' heavy attack (both stances) seems to be using extremly narrow range for the length and range of the weapon (sword range). The arc is less than ideal as well, because you miss 50% of the targets that are directly in front of you. Attack animation starts too high (way higher than any normal enemies have heads) and goes too much to the side. Kinda unusable unless you aim into the ground or want to star in Totally Phantom Menace 2. However the worst thing is that you can equip Primed Reach (+3 range) and Spring-Loaded Blade (+2 range) on it and the range is unaffected. Checked with Atterax, Lecta and Scoliac on both stances (Wise Razor, Coiling Viper) and no stance too, Both attacks in the heavy combo (from left to right, and from right to left). For comparison Blade and Whip, which are very similar design, have proper range on the heavy attack animation (whip swing). You also swing it into actual enemies.
  15. I dont exactly know how it affects Phantasma, but it was 100% status before the change and now it has status per pellet that is significantly lower. On a Beam weapon? Pellets?
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