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  1. I am trying to run a Sortie mission. I have Void fully cleared on both normal and Steel Path. https://imgur.com/ey4iTSU
  2. Its not headshot kills. Its headshots. You are mixing riven challenges. What i usually do for this is i equip fastest firing rate beam weapon with 100 accuracy (Quanta Vandal usually) with insane amount of RoF mods and Bleeding Dragon key to reduce damage so i can do it on one enemy. It does 35 ticks per second, so the riven is done within split second. Also going at night and shoting Terry in the face works fine, cause even though he is immune to damage it counts as hits. Any frame, any archwing.
  3. Let me elaborate. Corrupt Charge is supposed to be used on weapons that you do not want to bother with stacking combo and combo efficiency. It will always be on x2 combo, it will visually reset to 0 like this but it will be always on x2 combo (beside some weapons that start with higher combo counter like eg. Fragor). You will ALWAYS reset your combo when Heavy Attacking depending on your combo efficiency. You will reset 100% combo with 0% efficiency, 60% combo with 40% efficiency and 40% combo with 60% efficiency. There are currently 3 sources of that stat: 2 mods: Focus Energy (good
  4. This is normal corrupt charge behaviour. Why would you use this mod on Xoris is beyond me.
  5. Sorry for late response. Zetki Glazio, but any projectile weapon will do. I didint try beam ones.
  6. Do people realise it takes much longer than shoting the shield off with pilot and shooting it with front artillery? This is how long takes stripping the shield: https://streamable.com/fnd0we Dunno what is the time to fully charge artillery. At this time you wont even be inside the crewship yet.
  7. Yes. Position yourself on 90 degree angle to the ship (sideways). Strafe behind the shield (the shield, not the ship) while shooting it. You do not need to hit it from behind at all, hitting from the side works with 90% of weapons. Dash is unnecesary most of the time, so is shift. Just press A or D depending on where you want to be going. As you can see in this clip the shift puts me too far and i got still time to come back and shot the shield from the 90 degree angle. https://streamable.com/ywwzie Dark souls circle strafing technique really, though I am not target-locked on the ene
  8. Aiming in right place is whats most important to get most damage. You want the explosion to hit as much of the Eidlon as possible, so you want to aim kinda center/upper mass from slightly downward angle. I dont know how to explain it better. If you dont know how to do it and cant be bothered with Madurai Void Strike stacking, you can use 2X7 primary fire and stand behind the Eidolon and shot it in the heel (or backwards knee) so the shot lines up with its leg, goes right through it and ends up also hitting the front knee as well. This style usually produces most hits.
  9. I am trying to make Jean-Michel Jarre - Magnetic Fields, Pt. 2 I have winged bass line and percussion, but cant handle the melody. Both percussion and melody are really catchy.
  10. Wiki/patchnotes. And yes, one can hoover mouse over every icon available on UI and read tooltips and then maybe click and see what it does. If one does not actively look for new information (curiousity) there is no point in forcefeeding it to someone.
  11. Overloaded with information that is completely accessible in one place: official wiki. The AAA gaming has become extremly hand-holding already. You get map waypoints, icons, pop-ups, tooltips and much more UI clutter. This kinda made the playerbase ignore/skip most of them including voiceover during begining of missions that tells you what to do. In those games they can still manage, but in WF you wont. Learning gameplay mechanics trough pop-ups is bad design. Look at Souls series and how it teaches you mechanics through gameplay. Thats not the game fault, thats their own fault
  12. Make sure you open the statistics tab because sometimes the prices fluctuate due to certain timed events or patches or just completely randomly due to player actions.
  13. Pro tip. This mod was horrible before self damage was changed into self stagger. Its role was to prevent accidental seppuku, but due to the fact it only reduced the damage by 90% and warframe damage scaling you could still commit seppuku with most explosive weapons. Now it is completely useless, because it is a protection from accidental self stagger that works 9 of 10 times, while blocking 1 slot on your weapon. With Primed Firestorm existing there is already big competition for mod slots in the weapon.
  14. Technically resources needed for Entrati items are crafted from minable resources from 3 open worlds (2 for trumna) with blueprints obtained from their respective mining vendors Otak for Entrati, Old man Sunbaat for Ostron. (no Fortuna items for Trumna). Some from the random containers on Cambion Drift (none for Trumna), Some other come from Fishing in Cambion Drift and cutting fish with Daughter. Some are base mats like Orokin Cells and Argon Crystals obtained in their sources. When in doubt just refer to wikipedia and it tells you everything you need to know: https
  15. Beside channeling abilities it can also be used on frames/builds that spam one ability constantly and do not need high duration, instead of streamline. eg. pure Whipclaw Khora, Catabomb Limbo etc
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