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Stuck in healing pet animation


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While trying to heal my pet, somehow got stuck in the healing animation and couldn't do anything.

The healing meter stayed at 0%. Couldn't move, couldn't transfer out to operator, abilities didn't work, nothing.

Eventually the spectralist managed to kill me and got out of that situation


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i had a similar issue that happened during the last archon hunt (final) mission - somehow my cat didn't make it into the last zone where the archon first appear and stayed outside of the locked door. there it was downed but with the bleedout timer not counting down at all. after the first stage of the figth, when the archon escaped and the doors opened again, i went to the cat to revive and even got the revive counter running up to 100% but the cat was instantly down again with the same, not reducing count down in place. i tried it several times with the same outcome before i continued the mission without it.

my guess is that the mechanic which usually 'teleports' the companion to the player in such, script triggered occasions and/or if the player is too far away from the companion, was interrupted either (in my case) during the phase were all players has to get to the fight zone (and the subsequent cut-scene) or maybe in your case, when the companion got into the bleedout in the exact time when such a 'recall to player' happened...

this is a bit like DE's age-old curse of 'interrupted animation', which plagues the game still today (atm, often to witness when you change between operator and frame - but other occasions can also happen and some of them can't be easily self-fixed).

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