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Archon Redirection


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2 hours ago, (PSN)LoneWolf_001 said:

Archon Redirection- 550% Shields Magnetic Damage from Warframe Abilities restores shields over time to nearby allies.

Im glad someone else proposed the value over 440% due to the high mod cost. As for the effect, it could be rather OP depending on the rate at which shields regen and if it stacks or not. Maybe 20 Shield over 5 seconds would be ok, not stack but consecutive procs would just refresh the duration.

2 hours ago, (PSN)LoneWolf_001 said:

Energetic Response- AURA- 20% damage reduction for shields.

You didnt consider Shields already have a -25% damage modifier. I think 10% would be more then fair given you can have up to 4 players in a squad (40%) and it would stack with other damage reduction effects.

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