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My Rhino refuse to parry when Iron Skin is Active which is a pain cause I use "Guardian Derision"... Buggy or not ?




I'm not a Rhino player much so Despite My huge amount of hour I barely used him :p

My problem is : I'm using Guardian Derision to built Combo counter when parrying but I have found out that Rhino does not bother himself to parry incoming attack when his Iron skin is active.

-The weapon I used is the Incarnon blade with a not-great parry angle but even with enemies in a corridor at 5-6 meters in front on me ... no parry animation/sound/ Combo rise

-Without Iron skin active (thanks to nully) everything cameback fine

Second : WIKIA state there is no problem between Ironskin and Guardian Derision but I must admit I am too lazy too look up to all updates notes to find if there was a mecanic change. Can anyone help me and confirm if it is a BUG or NOT.

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This is a known... "quirk" of Iron Skin.

  • Blocking with a melee weapon does not reduce damage taken while Iron Skin is active.

From the Iron Skin info page on the Wiki. You should still hear the parry sounds (I do anyways, I tested it when making this post), but the animation doesn't play and the damage won't be negated. I don't know if I would necessarily call it a bug, but it is one of those things that is definitely annoying when playing Rhino and I would be pleasantly surprised if DE changes it. 

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