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My original artwork for my clan emblem was rejected



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9 minutes ago, (PSN)SlCCEN said:

I just received notice today that my original clan emblem artwork was rejected.

It was not offensive in any way shape or form.

Is that it?  Wasted money I guess?

Can I dispute this at all?

If they say its rejected, then its rejected.

Rework it and try again, and yes you'll have to pay another platinum fee for it.

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On 2022-09-28 at 10:00 PM, (PSN)SlCCEN said:

Yeah I probably will.

I guess the thing is, since I'm not sure what they want me to change, I don't know what I would change. It's like maybe I'll make the eyes smaller?  I have no idea.



only the devs can help out there. Whichever staff member rejected it could have a number of reasons but the Support team will get on to that and check it out. I thought mine was deleted without reason, asked Support and they told me it was a problem their side git the Hotfix and my Warframes are showing my Clan emblem proudly. Ask Support, they got you covered :p

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