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Yareli buff?


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Some ideas i have regarding buffs for warframes resident magical girl;


Sea Snares: no changes

Merulina: Changed to 3th skill. Reduces incoming damage by 80% instead of the previous 75%. Can be modded. Has its own moddable weapon with projectiles similar to kompressa. Weapon shoots as yareli shoots her gun. Reduced slip and slide.


Aquablades: Changed to 2nd skill: has innate effect of original augment. Augment now throws 2 glaives that bounce around enemies 4 times each.


Riptide: Pressing button once has the same effect as previous. Pressing and holding the button surrounds yareli with a water barrier that amplifies her abilities and gives additional effects: (note: pressing and holding the button while under the effect of riptides secondary will re cast the ability, extending the duration) also, during this mode, enemies attacking her in melee have a 30% chance to get ensnared and projectiles have a 15% chance to not cause damage


;sea snares seek out enemies

;merulina gains an additional 15% damage reduction and an increase of 30% weapon damage

;aquablades also inflict puncture damage

;riptide can continually capture nearby enemies until timer ends or until detonated


Kompressa: gain 10% increased status chance and critical damage while wielded by Yareli. Increased to 30% while also riding merulina.

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