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New Console Coupon Experiment: Bonus Platinum

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We are preparing to introduce a new type of Coupon for the ‘Daily Tribute’ Login bonus on Console versions of Warframe. As we continue our efforts towards Cross Save integration, a small but important step is making the PC and Console coupons more closely resemble one another.

Beginning August 10th, some players may see new Console Bonus Coupons on the Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch platforms that will offer a range of additional Platinum with the purchase of any Platinum Pack for a limited time.

In this initial test phase, the Console Bonus Coupons will be limited to a few regions so that we may collect feedback and refine this brand new login bonus. If the new Bonus Coupons appear to be well received in these initial areas, we may move forward with including additional regions. We will keep Tenno posted on finalized plans for the new coupon type when such plans have been determined!

Our intent with this new offering is to provide players on Consoles a Login coupon that more closely resembles what is offered to players on PC. We hope Console based Tenno will enjoy the new offering as we inch one step closer to Cross Save integration! Expect more updates and details related to Cross Save during TennoCon 2023.

Note: when purchasing Platinum within Warframe, your bonus amount and time left to redeem will appear on the Item Details page before purchase. However, if Platinum is purchased outside of the game, such as through the PlayStation Store or Nintendo eShop, the Bonus Platinum will not be displayed on the purchase screen but will be delivered to the player account (provided they have an active Bonus Platinum Coupon).

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