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Movember Captura Contest! Moframe 2023 [WINNERS ANNOUNCED]


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It’s time to spread the word for men's health in fashion. Show off your 'stache in our Movember contest! This November, we're bringing 10 moustaches to the in-game market for just 1 credit each, allowing you to deck out your favourite Warframes with some facial flair.

We're challenging all Tenno to participate in a month-long campaign by capturing and sharing a Captura of your Warframe proudly sporting their Movember-inspired facial hair. Get creative, Tenno, and you might just find yourself among the 5 lucky winners who'll receive in-game prizes, including Platinum and Grendel Prime Access.

How To Enter:
Share a Captura screenshot that showcases 1 to 4 Warframes with moustaches equipped. In the image’s text description, mention if your image is edited or unedited. Share your shot to Twitter, Instagram, and/or this thread and include the hashtags #moframe23 and #movember to enter! If social media is not for you, share your image and caption in the official contest forum thread here!

Can you edit your screenshot? Yes, if you want to! We’ll have two prize categories: one for unedited submissions and one for edited entries (i.e. photoshop or other image editing software outside of the game). ‘Unedited’ images are those that only use in-game features like Captura mode or direct screenshots. They can be cropped outside of the game, but no other form of alteration is allowed!  


  • 1st place – Grendel Prime Access for all Tenno featured in the image
  • 2nd place – 1000 Platinum for all Tenno featured in the image
  • 3rd place – 750 Platinum for all Tenno featured in the image
  • 4th place – 600 Platinum for all Tenno featured in the image
  • 5th place – 500 Platinum for all Tenno featured in the image

* If more than one Tenno is featured in the image and it’s selected as a winner, everyone in the photo submission will be rewarded the relevant prize. We’ll reach out for in-game usernames once winners have been revealed!

Need An Example?


  • One submission per player
  • Submission must be your original work
  • Submission must be labeled Edited or Unedited
  • Do not reserve spots in the official contest thread
  • All players on screen must have moustaches equipped
  • Image submission must feature 1 - 4 players on screen
  • Submissions must be images, no videos please!
  • Social media submissions must include #moframe23 & #movember in the write-up
  • Winners will be chosen based on creativity and quality of the image. The contest starts now and runs until Thursday November 30th at 12 p.m. EST!

And don’t forget: if you have the means, consider donating to the Movember Foundation

Good luck, Tenno!

(PS, check out last year's contest for inspiration!)


Thank you, Tenno for rocking your 'staches and participated in the MoFrame contest! Your creativity and support are changing the face of men's health ;) Check out Primetime 371 to see the top 5 of each category- congratulations to our winners (in spoilers)!



Unedited Category

1st : Lost-Kamizol
5. Lost-Kamizol (PC).jpg

2nd: MrMusterdEEE9 & Thorin6 & SirHoward30602. MrMusterdEEE9  & Thorin6 & SirHoward3060 (PC).jpg

3rd: no regrets923. no regrets92 (xbox).jpg

4th : JIN-ROH__19994. JIN-ROH__1999 (psn).jpg

5th : Death_Spirit_Is_Mine_JY1. Death_Spirit_Is_Mine_JY (PC).jpg

Edited Category:

1st : Rahny10. Rahny (PC).jpg

2nd: Riesling9. Riesling.jpg

3rd: Irene_Wolf8. Irene_Wolf (PC).jpg

4th : MeleeProwess7. MeleeProwess (PSN).jpg




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