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Movember Captura Contest! Moframe 2023 [WINNERS ANNOUNCED]


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#moframe23 #movember - unedited


Dear Warframe Staff, dear Ronnie,

I'm struggling to share my screenshot and have uploaded it on Steam to put a link below.
I took it without thought and like it very much. Wanted to participate for fun, as I like the idea and the funny looks on the frames.

Thank you for your time.

With best regards :)




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A frame stuck between ocean and void, Hydroid, swears to do all he can to fight back the infestations grip on mens health! 

unedited - captura 



Can a mod message me and let me know if that screenshot works? If not how do I upload on here 

Edited by (PSN)Demon-Reaper777
I don’t know how to upload an SS directly to the forum
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