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  1. While tracking down kuria with golden instinct, I've occasionally observed the spark leading through walls and outside the map. Here are the details I've collected: What: instead of following an AI-esque path through the tile as normal, the spark flies up and away, passing through tile walls and often through the edge of the map. Where: so far, I've caught this in Grineer Shipyard Hijack, and Sealab missions with midway submersible sections (flooded rooms are fine, I'm talking about the underwater caves that *must* be traversed to reach extraction), such as exterminate I believe. How: using Golden Instinct on Shipyard Hijack or Sealab (Submersible), after having already scanned a few, but not all, kuria from the tileset Why: I can't be 100% of course, but if I had to guess, I would wonder if the spark's pathing is breaking down because of the unique tiles - the submersible section on Uranus, and the conveyor tiles beyond the Hijack console. The spark has worked just fine on these tilesets otherwise, with only minor hiccups, but as soon as I go to hijack or part-submersible missions, it flies off into space regardless of where I activate it (though I have also had it lead me to a kuria successfully in Hijack as well, so it could also be particular kuria locations that don't play well in these missions). Screenshot: here's the spark flying in an invalid direction at the very start of a hijack mission. I've seen valid pathing cut through internal tile walls/pillars before, but there's no room in this direction, and the direct path of the spark leads to a void-out.
  2. I've posted several times about this Helminth XP issue, so with the update out, I wanted to say I appreciate the logic you're working under here, and thank you for the clarification, late as it is. However, instead of shrugging and saying your competition does the same thing, why not take the opportunity to *do better* than "other MMOs" by actually respecting your players' time/effort, especially the early adopters who engaged with your new shiny? Give your audience a reason to stick by you, otherwise they'll simply find that respect elsewhere.
  3. So now that the update is out and the thing we said was gonna happen happened, I'll wait for your apology.
  4. You're still misunderstanding. You don't have to keep farming the frame to keep your invigorations up. All you have to do is interact with helminth with that frame if the system rolled a buff for the frame that week.
  5. I'm no big fan of these invigorations, but I think you've misunderstood how they work. You don't have to sacrifice the frame each time you activate the invigoration. You just need to interact with helminth using that frame. Frames can only be sacrificed to helminth once anyway, so what you're describing is currently impossible.
  6. I don't know what to tell you, it's what the words say as written. No automatic rank ups means no automatic rank ups, and until otherwise stated/shown, that should include frame subsume xp currently beyond level 10 getting lost to the void. If that is not the case, then I'd think they'd clarify or at least not word it like this. I will absolutely be happy to be wrong about it in the end, but until then I can only go by the wording as-is.
  7. Check the FAQ. Right now they're saying we won't be compensated with the xp we should have from subsuming frames.
  8. Please explain why early adopters are being screwed for no reason here. Even if you were not currently tracking frame subsumes in your data (you are), surely this would be an easy script to run regardless since every frame is worth the same xp to helminth, so you can figure out how much minimum xp any given player's helminth should have based on which frames they've subsumed. If this goes forward as is, that becomes xp we are permanently locked out of, whereas someone who, say, stopped subsuming after reaching level 10, can now jump to level 15 faster than someone who put in the effort to get every subsume ability after helminth's release.
  9. Some comments on these items, in order: 1) sorry, but that heavy gunner is long dead by the time you'll be close enough to Mercy kill. Unless you're running solo, but maybe not even then. 2) We already have one hit kills with any decent weapon or ability. If anything the Mercy option is slower. 3) Regarding malicious code, isn't it basically the same as the parazon mod that stuns enemies on a Mercy kill, if not worse? 4) If anyone can pull off Hard Reset in a public game without asking the squad to allow it, I'll be supremely impressed. Even then, just run a vulpa (or any pet with a long revive timer) because most sentinels are just strictly worse due to their mortality. The single best thing any pet or sentinel provides is always gonna be vacuum, regardless of how good their unique ability is, and running a Sentinel means you're quite likely to lose it. 5) As already mentioned by others, QOL changes like swift Mercy should not be taking up our mod slots. Mods should be upgrades and customizations, not bandaids.
  10. Will we get retroactive helminth xp toward these Ranks? For those who have subsumed every frame and applied most abilities they want, there won't be a good way to rank up now otherwise.
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