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Deep Archimedea RNG loadout forced me to be an effectively AFK leech

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25 минут назад, Hexerin сказал:

Maybe you should rewatch the demonstrations and actually comprehend what's being shown

And what exactly to comprehend there? I don't see that night and day difference. Which is why I specifically asked what exactly you were intending to demonstrate.

34 минуты назад, Hexerin сказал:

rather than putting words in other's mouths about what the issue is.

Start to use words in complete meaningful sentences instead of videos accompanied with commentary like

В 06.04.2024 в 22:07, Hexerin сказал:

It's really, really bad.

and no one would have to put words in your mouth. Also, you might as well refrain from putting lenses to exclusively view things through in other's heads.

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12 minutes ago, Mr.Holyroller said:

Nova prime and Euphona you should have swept deep archemdia.


Try actually reading the post. I don't have a riven to bring Euphona online so it actually outputs effectively. Without a riven, Euphona is mediocre at best.

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