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  1. Its pretty obvious that provocation is better when you're playing to buff others. I'm not sure what the point you're making is. Also, even if you were solo, its more fuel for rage when you end maim. Mend and Pacify are very underwhelming compared to the rest of Equinox's kit. Mend is less effective than using your operator to heal and I get that Pacify reduces damage taken from enemies in range and can have a slow with its augment, but its more effective and efficient to just use rest and kill them.
  2. I'm not really sure what you're talking about here. Epitath, even without sevagoth can oneshot pretty much any enemy in the game well in the 200s provided you shoot them in the head. Hemmorage will tick for like 20-30k. Hornet Strike | Barrel Diffusion | Primed Target Cracker | Primed Pistol Gambit Lethal Torrent | Augur Pact | Hemorrhage | Primed Heated Charge
  3. I think the standing issue is that most people don't really know how to play equinox. Maim is still one of the best braindead aoe abilities in the game provided you store enough damage or have enough armor reduction. - Energy Transfer augment also allows you to turn this into a slash proc cc spamming build - if you sacrifice some of your range/drain efficiency for more str, you can prime enemies with rage to make dealing with armored enemies easier Rest with its augment is one of the best CC abilities in warframe in general and a staple for stealth farming. -
  4. If maim ignored armor it would be completely overpowered as it was back in the day with running full corrosive projection comps. I don't want equinox to get overpowered and then get hit with the nerf hammer or a rework that messes her up. Corpus get to ignore maim with nullifier bubbles and grineer have high armor. You either have to bring armor reduction/stripping or get used to how much damage you need to collect before releasing maim. Luckily, grineer also have large hp pools and its not too hard to ramp up 200/300k dmg. Aside from that, you can use maim with the augment Enegry T
  5. I don't see the point in removing like 80% of what makes railjack railjack, and then making all the corpus missions just normal warframe with what's essentially the cutscene when you load into a mission, except its your railjack and you cant skip it. This was a big step in the wrong direction. On top of that, it almost seems like its intentionally trying to waste time. - the defense tileset is one of the worst defense tilesets to date - the hacking drones spawn extremely far away from the player - the exterminate tilesets are just a bunch of long hallways I get you don't want
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