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How To Survive Bleed Procs?



...besides using Health restores assuming that I'm playing solo or there's no healer on my team?


The most common way I die, if I die at all, would be through bleeding. Even if I pay attention to my surroundings and dodge accordingly, there will always be this stray bullet that clips me and that bullets just happens to be the one that procs and that's when things go downhill for me.


Overall Bleed procs feel incredibly weird to me. The ability for a huge group to bypass shields and deal massive DoT is quite unstable. If anything at all, wouldn't it sound more appropriate if bleed only procs when your shields are down?

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Lets see...


Use a ranked up vitality mod; don't run with base health like so many I see.


Use equilibrium.


Use rejuvenation.


Use team health restores.


Play Trinity--or suck up to one.


Play Valkyr.


Play Oberon.


Play Nekros.


Play Zephyr and learn to turbulence.


Granted, there are a few extreme effects from certain enemies, but all of the above can minimize death from bleeds from more pedestrian enemies.

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Like others suggested there's a couple things you can do. And if I can be honnest about it, I like this bleed proc. Forces players to quickly react before the DoT kills them, and forces them to not get hit in the first place. Anyways my pointers ; 


-Unranked Life Strike


-Team Health restore ( really cheap 250,000 credits for a blueprint that lasts forever. The blueprint requires 225 polymor bundles, and 1900 nano spores + 9,000 credits which is pretty much nothing, for 10 medium team health restores. Also only takes 1min to make. People usually underrestimate the value of these restore gears, any for that matter, and ignores them. When you get to learn when to use them it can be a real value to not only yourself, but your team aswell. 


-Mods such as Quick Thinking ( energy to health ) or Equilibrium ( energy orbs give a little bit of health, BUT you need to be below max energy for this to take effect ) can help alot. If you're  a really really experienced veteran you shouldn't need a health mod cause you'll use all the other stuff to your advantage to prevent the DoT in the first place. 


-Last resort only ! -> Healing frames or frames with invinciblity such as Valkyr, Hydroid, Trin, Oberon, etc . . . Or frames that can avoid damage alltogether like Ash and Loki. 





Just my 2 cents. 

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Pull out your melee weapon and start blocking, you can block status procs, environmental hazards, (even acidic water wut) lazers, tazers, blazers you name it, you can block it.


I hope there are gonna be mods released to allow you to defend against specific physical damage and their procs so you can plan ahead.

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