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Dark Sectors. 24 Hours Of Fun, 48 Hours Of Boring Conflict


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Gettin pretty sick of  it.


Whats worse, is that the alliances change their credit pay offs every 5 seconds, really wish the rate you hit start on locked in.



Some clans still had their "low" taxes and battle pay still stinks, imagine that.

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Recent hotfix effectively reduced rail maxhp from 75000 runs to 7500 runs. In a high player count alliance that would only require 2-3 runs from each person to accomplish. Several of the current alliances were easily able to kill off more than 10% tower hp earlier. Those 10% is enough to kill a full hp rail now, so can end the wait in  an afternoon if you're sooooo hungry for dark sector grind.

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I am in a small clan that has no ambitions to put up our own solar rails.

Why should we even bother with these conflicts? The missions are always the same, not challenging, very short, and the actual objective is pressing E a couple of times.

I suppose these conflicts are fun for those few clans/alliances involved, but for the Average Joe they are of little to no interest.


We just wait until 7500 runs are completed, or the 48 hours are over so we can do something that is actually enjoyable.


But then again, DS are new, who knows how it will evolve.

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For once, no PS4 players are excited about getting U13; just do an update with the new frame and weapons and everyone would be fine with just that without the solar rail thing.


Watching this S#&$ show unfold on PC is a precursor of what will be even worst going to happen on PS4. I guess we finally have "end game" content, because it will be the end for a lot of people playing the game.

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About getting 0s for battle pay instead of the ammount shown.


 Battle pay is set up as a set amount of credits for a set number of missions. So, 5,000 credits for 200 missions (about 1/4th of 1% rail damage). It takes the money for that instantly, in this case 1,000,000 credits. You cannot get this money back. You cannot adjust this rate until it is all spent, at which time your rail is set to 0 reward and you can make a new battle pay distribution. This kind of sucks when your competition barely outbids you and you are stuck for 2,000 missions at the same rate. Odds are, you are finished at that point and the conflict is over if they have the funding to consistently outbid your set amount. Again, without people running your rail, you can never change it. Make whatever changes to the rewards, but don’t lock yourself in for 400 runs or something. If you set that many runs too low, you will never get the chance to bump up your bounty. We had one of our members (Dustcloak) stay up all night just watching the rail bounties and adjusting them and I firmly believe he is a major reason we have kept all our rails in the lead. "





If you want to see how many tickets one side has put up check this site



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I think the biggest problems are that almost every Dark Sector is attacked at the same time, so there is no more defense or survival available, maybe allow only 50% of the dark sectors to be attacked at the same time.

And the other big problem is that the conflict missions are boring, I think they need a complete overhaul.

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DE failed to implement 0-Sec space from EVE Online correctly.

1) Too few nodes to "own", too many clans with big stock piles to throw at contesting them.

2) No NPC controlled nodes with similar dangers/rewards/taxes.

3) Conflicts are quick in executing, long in the resolving.

Basically everything 100% wrong.


To fix this mess (I still think Living campaigns would have been better for both the story and the community https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/147130-living-campaigns-improving-invasions-clan-conflict-and-warframes-evolving-story/ ) DE needs to

1) Increase the number of Dark Sector Nodes. They need to be clearly attached to clearly Late game or dangerous access points.

2) Redesign conflicts so that they are long in the planning but quick in the executing. Anyone who's played or follows 0-Sec EVE online PvP knows how long the setup for conflict can be and how swift and brutal the execution can be. Successful attacks require coordination of hundreds to thousands of players actively being online at one time or cycling in over a several hour period.

This holds true in most other Group vs Group territory control meta-games that are successful on the market. Build up is slow, with lots of dancing back and forth, then sudden bursts of intense aggression. This does not describe Dark Sectors. Dark Sector conflicts are quick to being and sluggishly slow to resolve.

Also unlike 0-Sec in EVE, the Dark Sectors actually have nothing of real value to anyone at the truly Late game stages. There are no super Capital Ships to build, and no reason for them. If DE were to put exclusive Mods or drops there... they lack the NPC controlled Nodes that would allow players to access and experience that content without having to also slog through Alliances and the larger Meta-level play of territory domination.

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