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Will Machete-Type Weapons Die?


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I'm hope they won't because I really liked the concept of a machete type weapon there were only two machetes sadly, one was in the market (machete), but was discontinued, then the second (machete wraith) was in the Gradivus Dilemma, but you can't get that anymore either as that was an event.


The only evidence I have of machete-type weapons living is the Stance mod "Sundering Weave" what would be the point to this mod (other to add combos to the weapon) if the only weapons that this mod can be in are the weapons that are no longer obtainable, simple... atleast one or two machete type weapons that are obtainable.


Now I want to hear your opinions on this, if you think machete-types are going to die, or not.


EDIT: Forgot Prova and Kama are apparently machete-type weapons....oops....

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I hope we get Twin Machetes someday so I can channel my inner Sundowner

"Children can be cruel, Jack...."


That being said, I'd really like the original Machete to come back to the market - without it, using Sundering Weave becomes very counter intuitive as most people see the Machete as retired and don't even know it works on the Kama/Prova. If nothing else, the Kama and the Prova should be called machetes in their descriptions to clear up confusion. Introducing twin Machetes would be a great way to give a reason for the Machete to come back, too, seeing as the Machete Wraith is currently in the event vault at the moment.


Assuming DE wants to keep the Machete retired, however, a good way to draw attention to this issue with minimal effort would be to introduce the Prova Vandal as an event reward and saying something like "the reward will be the Prova Vandal machete".

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