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What's Your Ratio? In-Game Hours Vs. Mission Hours.(Also, I Get All Sentimental And Proud And Stuff)


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Well guys, as of posting this I'm under one hour from pumping one thousand hours into Warframe. That's a LOT. Not to some, but most. Anyway, I've always found my ratio of steamhours vs. mission hours hilarious and telling of what this game does for me.

Just to get this out of the way, I have 570 hours of in mission hours logged. So I've only been really playing this game about 57% of the time. So about 43% of the time I'm either AFK, modding, coloring frames, selling on trading(cue Mordecai downed scream "Whhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyy!?"), or and yes, you guessed it, regionchatting.


It might just be me, but I feel like this shows how much of a social experience this game is, and not just a 3rd person mutated-space-ninja-wizard-rambo shooter. Hey, I do enjoy shutting my brain down for a bit and slicing through the masses that are our foes, but it's not THAT amazing. The reason I keep coming back to this game is all the people I meet out there. Now I don't know if we have the BEST community, or the BEST gameplay, but we rock. We are not some toxic community that I hear about and then avoid a game because of it. We are the community that is pretty cool about what we do here. And what we do is help each other have a good time in our down-time.


WELL, THAT WAS ALL OFF TOPIC. Let's get to it!


For those of you on steam or those that have TOTAL IN-GAME HOURS logged somewhere, how much of it is actually in missions?

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well, let's see.


Steam says 2264 Hours logged.

last time i checked my profile, a week or two ago, it had ~1100 Mission Hours logged.




i know with certainty i've been playing for a very long time, and i remember a time when the profile stats were horrendously broken - including the hours played count.


so i know the mission hours is much higher than that - therefore, i've always taken my Steam record and added just under 100 Hours to it, since that's probably about accurate.


i don't really AFK with Warframe running much, usually only half an hour here and there, once in a while i get caught up doing other things for a few hours with it open.


but i'd still estimate atleast 85% of the Hours i say (which is ~2300 Hours now) to be fairly accurate to time spent playing. this also includes time i've spent managing my inventory, Fusing Mods, Transmuting, etc. all of that is playing the game, whether the Profile stat wants to count it or not.

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