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De, Please Please Do Not Do Business With Perfect World (Mega/hyper/ultrathread)


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Please read the following before jumping to conclusions: What We Currently Know About the PWE Deal (Reddit)







Source: http://iportal.infocastfn.com/citiccapital_portal/nws/nws_p.asp?LangId=1&LNwsId=2293206


As someone who played STO both before and after PW purchased Cryptic, I feel I have to voice my concern over this acquisition. Warframe is a game with a huge amount of potential, and having PW pulling their strings behind the scenes is a surefire way to destroy that potential.


I'm not sure that there's anything you (DE) could do at this point, but I would applaud any efforts made to stop this from happening. Even self-sabotoge to make the company seem less desirable is not out of the question.


(For those of you who aren't familiar with PW, acquisition by them will dramatically shift development away from new gameplay content. Instead, expect development to focus on a plethora of obnoxious, obtrusive lockbox and other lottery-type systems)


EDIT (for those looking for a more legitimate source, this is the stock exchange release):




EDIT 2: For those of you still in doubt whether or not this is real, more links:


Bloomberg's Businessweek company profile which lists DE as starting a "merger/acquistion" on June 30th: http://investing.businessweek.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=52344383


aastock's (Hong Kong Financial News website) listing: http://www.aastocks.com/en/News/HK6/61/NOW.612668.html


4traders (Global Stock Exchange website) listing: http://www.4-traders.com/SUMPO-FOOD-HOLDINGS-LTD-7166883/news/Sumpo-Food---Perfect-World-to-invest-in-Digital-Extremes-18661957/



EDIT 3: If petitions are your thing, community member Skarmax has created this one on change.org:



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Everyone man the lifeboats!


Even IF this is real or IF it happens, I highly doubt DE will allow any sort of meddling with Warframe or anything else. They've already experienced that with Dark Sector, and the whole reason they are self-publishing is because they want to do Warframe on their terms.


Money>>>>>>the wish to make something on your own terms.If this is real they WILL sell.

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Everyone man the lifeboats!



Money>>>>>>the wish to make something on your own terms.If this is real they WILL sell.

I stand by my statement. If you've ever heard the way DE describes Warframe and how they plan to approach it from an independent development cycle, you'd see what I mean.

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Now you've scared me for sure.



I've read the sources. No, DE I beg you, don't turn Warframe into a money machine.


Your player count will decrease rapidly, everyone will lose fun.




PW, this abomination of a company must not infect Warframe.


DE, Salad V, Derf Anyo, Elephantis, Stalker, Warframes....


They're all under your control... for now.




Plan of action if DE is purchased by PW: Demand money refunds


Plan of action if DE denies everything and it turns out it was a big hoax: No more complaining of RNG.




I'm really hoping for a response from the DE staff right now. Everyone who can, monitor the ,,who's reading" section. This thread will be large and in charge.



Warframe can go in two different ways.


One of which is:



















The other one is:











^This. Look this up. It's a petition. Sign this please! Save Warframe !



Threadnaught Prime cooled down.


From the souces and the explanations I've read, it's very unlikely that DE will sell the whole company.


So we can get back to Salad V's greedy milk now.


To lower the chances of PW even participating in DE, sign this petition.




And OP, ask the ComMods to lock this thread. It's causing chaos in the forums.


And remember guys/girls, no more complaining about RNG!


One more thing. STOP with the no-login BS. You're just helping PW this way.

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No,no,no,no... Please say it ain't soooo PLEASE if I see anything related to ANYTHING to a lock box or lottery in this game as much as I love this game... I would quit, I rather pay a monthly that... Omg please say it aim sooo DE!!

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