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Idea About Iron-Skin


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Had an idea which consists in show damages received on the ironskin, by the same way that we can see damages received on health or shield.



Without iron-skin :




With iron-skin : 







It could be shown by the same portion of a circle, colored white or grey.

It will make rhino's players able to know when they take damages, and then react.

I think that currently, we take bad habits playing rhino full ironskin, it could be better if we could see when ironskin is taking damages.

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I dunno about this. On one hand I can see the utility of this (obviously) but on the other it kinda is my only notification that iron skin is off. Once I see those flashes I know i have to recast it.

At least some sort of indicator would be nice. Even a bar over the ability icon. It's convenient to know how much is left on Iron Skin

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I see a spanish speaker


Or maybe portuguese?


Idk if french use that too....




I never really have an issue with this other than not knowing how much hp is left but this seems like a good idea so onward

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