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[De] Vault Schedule?


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Hello, this thread is mainly addressed to the members of [DE] staff in charge of guarding the vault, but anyone can reply if they wish


My question is this; Is there an approximate schedule for when the [DE] vault will be cracked open? For example, is it once a month, once a year, every few months, etc, or is it opened when you don't have any new content for the week, for whatever reason? I am not specifically looking for a date schedule, but really just a general schedule if there is one.


Feel free to post speculation, and if this is in the wrong place, please move it Mods.

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I hope its not too often. It will lose its appeal otherwise. While that may not be a big deal for a lot considering its mostly old underpowered weapons. It still free stuff and gives us a chance to increase our mastery.

Have pretty good idea what's on the list too lol. They pulled excalibur prime and snipetron out of the Ps4 codex but left a few retired weapons in.
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Unless they bring back ways of getting the special variants of weapons I missed, I don't much care. I'm pretty sure I got the blueprints for everything before they were discontinued. If this isn't the case, it likely won't open too frequently, since I don't think too many standard items have been locked up.

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It is clear that it will be used as an emergency patch extender week when they dont have / dont want to release more content and can get away just giving one of these out and calling it a patch. 


They used to make out that the vault opening was going to be special and for events and stuff. However it inorgial opening is just as a time filler becasue update 14 has been delayed as it was meant to come out this week. 


Just for reference here is a list I have batted around that shows stuff which might potentially be counted as being "in the vault":

The "Lost" weapons
Ether Daggers
Machete <-------------------------------------WINNNA!!!!! (09/07/2014 - 16/07/2014)
The "Event" weapons 
Snipertron Vandal
Strun Wraith
Machete Wraith
Twin Vipers Wraith
Gorgon Wraith
Prova Vandal
The "Beta" weapons 
Lato Vandal (Listed as CBT - Closed Beta Tester exclusive https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/14530-exclusive-cbt-weapon-revealed/)
Braton Vandal
The "MoDs" (added in for completions sake)
Tethras doom MoDs
Breeding Ground MoDs
Primed Chamber (DE have said it will come back in another event at some point...)
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OK guys, lets try using constellar and calenderic equations to figure this out.


Along october/november DE released an event that had the machete wraith and brakk, then on January/february, DE released the dex furis for free, and afterwards, tethras dooms event came out, and released gorgon wraith, then recently we have the operation infestation event with prova vandal, and then the machete blueprint was released.


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If they intend to keep this hype, they would prob. release a piece once every lets say six months. Otherwise vault thingy would vanish too quickly.


I will just wait quietly for the Primed chamber and Sniper buffs.

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No thats not how it works. 


Dex Furis was a one year game reward and events are oddly spaced. Go back further and you will see that is not how things work around here.

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