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Liset Page Is Broken For Smaller Resolutions


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Well I don't see any info on it yet. Just a screen that's showing static.

Granted I'm on a droid device so I don't think I'm getting the full info.

Pc has the same, It'll probably be revealed when we are closer to U14's release. I'd suggest checking the page every few days for some info.

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Well that's great DE 


You seem to have created a page where most people can't tell if it's 'actually' working or not... 


Here is video 'a' which is short and/or static. Okay. Here is video 'b' which is not yet ready. Okay.


I can appreciate the attempt to be all clever and mysterious but please can you stop shooting yourself in the foot on the execution?


All recent major updates seem to be proceeded unheard of amounts of frustration - why? 


Did the team not learn anything from the U13 release? 


1/ Here is the info

2/ Here are the limits of the info

3/ More information will be available on this date - insert date here




EDIT: You guys are learning!!!! RAAAAAAAYY!! w00T! :D


mm'kay thanks! 



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