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Thank You, So Much, De . . .


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Last October a friend insisted I tried Warframe. Completely ignored it as not my type of game.

Then, after giving it a try I was hooked.

Have spent over £300 just on basics as 90% of all my stuff is found.

Since starting I have put in a ridiculous amount of hours, even though many have put in even more.


The thing was the uniqueness of the interface, we had our solar system moving around and giving a wonderful feeling of space.

Around the edges of the interface we had all the information required, and we could easily zoom in to any node we wished to visit. Everything was so clear and logical.

It was all there clear as day.


But for me there was that extra something, that rare quality which had me perfectly balanced and in touch with the game, there was only one smooth transition from sitting down and sliding effortlessly into the game.


So thank you, DE, I now have time to do other things, and no longer have a drain on my expenses.

I watched your U14 on YT and heard the words "re-ignite interest" used, I just hope more are re-ignited than have had their flame doused.


A game that was once clear as day is now clear as mud . . . it'd akin to grabbing failure from the jaws of victory.

Why create a 3rd rate copy of Mass Effect ?  . .why not put the solar system from before U14 into an area like in Mass Effect . . . a cheap and shoddy spinning planet rack is not progress. The game no longer has its coherent nature but instead has become confused and "bitty", this update has definitely not been well thought out.


I could fill a wall with text but resist the urge . . .suffice to say, you took a piece of magic and turned it into something drab and pedestrian, and when I spend time gaming I look for that piece of magic . . .

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Me: Oh look, the Title looks nice. Maybe this will a good thread, and not about being mad at DE.


Me: *Starts to read* This is really good, this guy must like DE.

Me: *Gets to the bottom half of post* Nope, another hate thread.

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Yeah, great, you don't like it. Lots of people don't.


But do you have constructive critique or suggested improvements? Or is this really just a bitter story about your lost Neverland and how you've grown up into a Pirate? o3o


I can agree with you in some way that something feels very awry with the game right not, but I tout it up far more to general instability and feeling like my progress will be for naught. Like some kind of threat of a rollback is constantly in the back of my mind and preventing me from really flourishing as I previously had been.


But that much is to be expected. This is more than an update, and even much more so a Transitionary Phase of sorts. When you move into a new house, it takes time to unpack and get things situated, y'know? o3o


Lastly, I'm sorry but the comparisons to Mass Effect are nothing but compliments, even if they are haphazard at best. What, solar rails are just too similar to your light speed ship cannons that your enjoyment is now detracted? But... why? I'm not trying to come up on your grill, but I am asking you to legitimately consider why this is even such a big issue for you in as much for you to identify problems but not give a suggested resolution afterward.


Makes it seem like you're much more a megaphone of other people's opinions rather than stating your own. 


Peace. o3o

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I'm sorry you feel disappointed by the update.


My suggestion is if you have some feedback, or want to give out some ideas, use the feedback thread.


Other then that, I hope you find more satisfaction in the next title you play.



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