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Please Fix The Miter


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Why I want to love the Miter:


It's a Grineer weapon

It's cool

It's a blade launcher

It launches BLADES

I mean, how cool is that?


Why I can't love the Miter:


Charge up time is ridiculously long

Required aiming precision is ridiculous

Ammo reserve is too low

Damage is too low



Now, let me elaborate a little bit:


The charge up time. Even with mods that improve fire rate, it's still too long. This makes each charged shot precious, which would make sense if charged shots were extremely powerful, but that is not the case. This gives a sub-par weapon a horrible fire rate, and considering it deals mostly slash damage and would be suitable against the Infested, trying to use it against them is kind of suicidal.


The aiming. It makes no sense. The discs are clearly wider than the arrows of all bows in the game, yet unless the reticle is exactly in the center of the enemy, the discs miss completely. You would think that the bouncing properties of the discs would balance this somehow, but they do not. Hiting things with the Miter is frustratingly hard, and spraying-and-praying is not a viable strategy, because of the low damage of uncharged shots, and the low ammo. 


And, about the ammo: I would understand it if the weapon was extremely powerful, but it's not. It's mediocre and disappointing.


Please fix this weapon, please. I really want to keep my disc launcher, it's a nice reward from defeating Vor and Lech Kril. But on its current state, it just doesn't work. The most important issue in my opinion is the aiming/hit registering, so please fix that before adjusting anything else.

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I really wish they kept that bug where the Miter shot three blades a time instead of one. Of course, this also took three ammo per shot. Either way, if Miter was moved to the Rifle ammo pool, and was reverted to that bug, I'd think it would be a very powerful weapon.

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I was actually using my Miter yesterday and thinking the same thing. I remember a time (pre damage 2.0) when it was actually semi powerful. Now its just a fully auto disc launcher, like the ones you got when you were a kid.


I get that not every gun is going to be useful for endgame, but the Miter is practically a peashooter on Earth. Mine is multiforma'd and potato'd and barely gets the job done with max level mods on it.

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I've been using 4 forma (5 polarities) Miter for a very long time. Still one of my most used weapons. There's 1 issue. It needs ammo mutation slotted at all times and Carrier to feed it ammo continuously. Give it rifle ammo pool of 540 and I say goodbye Boltor Prime. Miter all the way.

You forgot the part where the blade is about as wide as a Boltor Prime bolt

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