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Infested Warframe Idea


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Hi, I am Yvendrez. I am a founder on the design council and have had this idea for a new Warframe that has bothered me ever since the infested first premiered their ugly mugs. 


As the infested consume and assimilate others into their ranks that gave me an idea: What if a Warframe was partially consumed but managed to escape before being completely assimilated?


Yup, as you had probably guessed from reading the topic title, this is a discussion about an infested Warframe, what it would look like, what it should be named, and what its abilities would be. I am not sure if anyone has opened a discussion about this before but if you did, welcome to the club of people who want an infested Warframe.


This discussion is not so much for me as it is for everyone. I want this to become a reality, but I can't do it alone (and I can't post topics on the design council page) so I came here.


Below I am going to add my ideas at what the Infested Warframe's name and abilities should be, but these are just thoughts I am anxious to hear all of your comments on these as well.


I am also hoping that on this topic page, you all would share your ideas and help gather support for a  movement that could birth a new Warframe.


My idea for name: Scourge

Scourge is another word for plague or infestation so it is a "cool" and obvious choice for an intimidating and powerful name for an infested Warframe.


My ideas for abilities:


Description: The Warframe stretches out with its infested arm and grabs an enemy, quickly dragging the enemy into the infested biomass of the Warframe and healing itself for a percentage of the damage done.



Description: The Warframe commands the infested biomass to harden at the front of the Warframe's body, increasing damage resistance (facing the front) and increasing melee damage for a period of time.



Description: The Warframe infects the very ground causing it to slow and do damage over time to any who step within the infected area.


Zombify (Couldn't think of anything better; not even sure if this is a real word. I checked, just not sure.)

The Warframe releases a mass of tendrils from its infested biomass, the tendrils pierce the flesh of nearby enemies and turn them into infested who will follow the Warframe and his enemies.




Please remember: These are merely my thoughts and my ideas for how I think this Warframe, if it was real, would be.In no way are they a reality and as far as I know they will never be a reality, but I sincerely hope that in the upcoming days they may give ideas and hope that shall fulfill the potential of this idea.


Thank you for your time and remember to share your ideas.  -Yvendrez



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Eh, I don't feel the abilities you propose are unique enough...


Devour is Rip-Line.

Bio-Shield is Electro-Shield.

Ravage is Hollowed Ground.

Zombify is Shadows of the Dead.


Though they're slightly different, they would function too much in the same role as the mentioned powers to make an all, not so very interesting 'frame.


I'm no critic, truthfully I wouldn't comment at all if I didn't think it had zero potential, but a key is to think "What is the basic role for this warframe?" and then to create open ended powers that support that role and mesh together, but are also capable of being used with a different purpose you wouldn't initially think of.


For example, Excalibur's Slash-Dash has its obvious offensive power, but it can also be used as a quick escape or dodge. Valkyr's Rip-Line acts both as a heavy single target damage dealer and as a grappling hook for mobility. Frost's Snow-Globe functions both as a 'bubble shield' and as an impeding trap. Not all abilities are this way, but this 'Frame seems to lack any utility to it.


Best of luck with this concept!



Could've sworn I've already seen another post really thought out with pics and everything about an infested frame, will link if I can find it.


Edit: Found it.


Personally, I'm sick of seeing Typhus. We need new, fresh ideas, and to slow up on perpetuating old, potentially broken ideas. If DE were truly going to add Typhus, I think he'd be in the game already, but so far I see no hint of preparation to add him.

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well the

1st is like Valkyr's Ripline + Trinity's Well of Life

2nd is like Volt's eletric Shield or a Rhino's Iron Skin except only front and added melee damage.

3rd is like Oberon's Hallowed Ground + Frost's Ice Wave after effect.

4th is like Nekros's Shadows of the Dead because zombies are dead


3rd  is the name of a mod


and this sounds like the Infested would actually listen to this frame and Nyx is already a warframe that you get from Phorid and Nekros is already one you get from Lephantis

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I feel a little sad because all I'm seeing are criticisms. Like I mentioned before, this is a place to welcome all ideas relating to this subject and to perfect what an Infested Warframe would be.


I have never seen anything about Typhus so I have no idea what that is about or even if it is going to be a thing.


I will clarify some things though, these are just ideas off the top of my head. All the abilities and the name (but I rather like the name.) My idea for this Warframe (if it existed) would be that it is a charger, capable of running into a room and wiping it clean in a matter of seconds while still being able to tank whatever is thrown at it, honestly what else would an infested Warframe be like? All of the infested pretty much try to do just that, the exceptions being the drone that releases a poison gas trail, and the ancients which try to sap you of all your health and energy and they still run into rooms and try to swarm you too.


Another thing is that the abilities I mentioned may be similar to those of already existing Warframes, but many Warframes have similar abilities already.

Frost's freeze, Ember's fireball, and Volt's shock, etc. are all similar but with small differences just like how Devour and the other abilities I thought of may be similar to Existing Warframe's abilities but they are different.


I'm not here to wage war on criticisms I'm here to help spark ideas, I won't stop anyone from making said criticisms but I am not fond of the idea either.

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